Xbox One External HDD support limited to 16TB

The June Xbox One system update will include the ability to utilize external storage devices. A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to that the upper limit for external storage support is 16TB.

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christocolus1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Damn..that's huge.

Thumbs up to the update team,those guys are definitly doing a great job.

georgeenoob1612d ago ShowReplies(4)
Bathyj1612d ago

Hoho, you are such Dewitt

ThanatosDMC1612d ago

I bet a movie enthusiast can fill up 16tb real fast with their porn collection... errr... movie collection.

alexkoepp1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

More than enough for gaming needs. Not so much HD video content, but 16TB will be more than enough for 99% of the population, should last the entire generation.

With support for 2 drives, at 8TB apiece? Those don't even exist yet and won't for a good long while.

Bummer they have to be USB 3.0, I got an old 2.0 4TB I got a few years back I paid $380 for, be nice if I could use that.

500GB for X1/PS4 was a foolish decision. I'm sitting at 75% usage with 11 games on my X1 already. Considering there are 44 games available right now, you certainly couldn't have them all installed on your system, and we are only 6 months in. The systems should have had minimum 1TB, but 2TB would probably be optimal.

"Kinda working out to 40 games per terabyte"
I'd estimate 50GB a game, so I'd half that figure to be on the safe side.

FayZ_1612d ago

my porn collection disagrees :/

Malphite1612d ago

I remember people saying the same thing about 20GB. In a couple of years 16TB won't be that much anymore. It'll probably still be more than enough for the lifespan of the X1 though.

choujij1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I have 18 TB in my PC. 6 3TB Barracudas (4 in RAID0 and 2 in Windows RAID).

Here's a pic:

I thought it was a lot when I built my PC last year, but I'm only left with 4.5TB of useable space between the 2 volumes. And that's because I already offloaded about 2 TB to an external drive.

BallsEye1612d ago

That's what I've said when I got my 20 MB's for Atari back in the day...probably for vast majority over here it's ancient history.

DLConspiracy1612d ago

Assuming that most games are between 14gb and 50gbs.. Let's just say each game is 50gbs. 16TB of room = 16,000Gbs

16,000 / 50gbs = 320 games.

That's a lot of games!!! So you can fit up to 500 if there are smaller files.. Man.. Xbox is doing great stuff.

killzone6191612d ago

will the ps4 support external HD? just curious considering it has USB 3.0 ports

jebabcock1612d ago

The title is worded as if that is a bad thing... Nothing is future proof but anyone complaining about 17tb for a console needs help...

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DaGamingKing1612d ago

Wow! Thats incredible. But, I'll add this.
When 360 launched the best model was 20GB. The biggest now is 320GB. Or, 16 times the original size. Now, my 320GB drive is filled.

The X1 came with a 0.5 TB drive, which is solid, however a 16TB drive would represent 32 times as much storage. I fully expect that this should cover the next generation, especially if games take between 5Gb and 50gb in instal size, plus updates, DLC etc.

Great move, and hopefully this suffices over next 5-7 years.

n4rc1612d ago

I only have a network drive at home so I'll need a new external for my x1.. Started thinking about storage..

I have ten games in under 250gb (its at 50% but os takes room etc)

Kinda working out to 40 games per terabyte.. Realized that and stopped looking at 4tb drives.. People need to think about how many games they actually buy... 16.5tb is insane and way more then 99.9% of people would need..

rainslacker1612d ago

Early last gen games didn't take up as much space on the hard drive either. As the gen progressed they began using more of the hard drive for quicker access. Then of course digital became a bigger thing.

I do have a feeling by the end of this gen, you'd be lucky to be able to find a 1TB drive, much like you have to hunt down anything that's less than 40GB nowadays.

AngelicIceDiamond1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Realistically I'm only gonna need 8. And that will last forever for me.

EDIT: Somewhat offtopic what do you guys think of this vid?

Can this happen in the future updates?

dasbeer881612d ago

What people are forgetting to realize that while next generation consoles are coming, the next gen games are also getting bigger and bigger. Also don't forget lazy developers bring day-one patches which, depending how broken the game is, can be incredibly enormous.
So I wouldn't be surprised if 1 TB is going to limit less than 20 next-gen games.

KwietStorm1612d ago

Man, still with the "lazy" developers?

n4rc1612d ago

You are right.. Games probably will get larger..

But most updates rewrite data, not simply add to it.. A 2gb update may only add 500mb to the total size

Nine_Thousaaandd1612d ago

Well, nice update for Xbox users. Congrats to Microsoft for making it happen.

I was curious to see how much a 16TB HDD would cost, WOW...a whopping $1000.00-$10,000.00! And I've seen them priced up to $20,000.00

I think it's safe to say, that most if not all Xbox users will be using on average 1TB to 8TB units. 8TB cost around $650 or more...but nonetheless...a great update for Xbone.

Cobberwebb1612d ago

You can have TWO external HHDs with the update. So two 8GB HDDs not one 16GB.

vega2751612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I ordered 2 5tb hard drives from Amazon last night. So I have 10.5TB right there which should hold me for a long time

Edit: also love the fact you can take it to your friends house with it. Just plug and play. Nice

GameSpawn1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )


Some of the stupidly expensive 16TB storage solutions you may have found were NAS'es. NAS enclosures have proprietary software that you are shelling serious money for. Some are made from numerous SSDs combined together (VERY EXPENSIVE). Also some have mirroring meaning you actually have much more than 16TB (or whatever the stated capacity) of combined space between drives, but some of the drives are used for duplication (mirror) and/or as "hot spares" in the event of drive failures.

RAID 6 is one of the most resilient RAID types (especially with mirroring), but because of the largest minimum drive requirement due to the double parity it is also the most expensive.

The irony of RAID is that one of its acronyms (not a fully correct one, especially now) is "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks". A more correct acronym is "Redundant Array of Independent Disks".

Other factors add to external drive price (beyond those in NAS'es) such as connectivity options -- Thunderbolt being the most expensive connectivity option, especially when combined with eSATA, USB3.0, and Firewire 800 simultaneously. Those planning on getting drives for the XBO can obviously focus on USB3.0 only drives to keep the price down.

rainslacker1612d ago

Could get an external USB raid enclosure and get several cheaper drives.

Probably better to just scale as needed though unless you are really into techie cool stuff that none of your friends will care about.

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how am i supposed to run my spaceship now?

parentoftheyear1612d ago

Wow, This is an Amazing feature.

Vystrel1611d ago

I guess if not being able to upgrade your internal hard drive and allowing you to use external hard drives like you should always be able to is a "feature" then sure

parentoftheyear1611d ago

@vvstrel. I'm a playstation fan. I own a ps4. Won't own an Xbox for a while, I do know I can't purchase a 16tb 2.5" internal hard drive for my ps4. So ya this is very cool.

Visiblemarc1612d ago

Says you, meanwhile I have a pile of 17 Terabyte hard drives rotting in the corner. ;)

Pogmathoin1612d ago

Sckipt, well be a good Sony fanboy and complain about all the X1 updates, and you can call it evens...... Game over.....

amazinglover1612d ago

Me too glad to have an update here and their then one big one every six months or so. I do believe the updates will start to be spread out a little more around November since that when the console will be what it should have been at launch feature wise at least. Am happy though finally now I can put my 2TB drive I bought just for this to use.

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GamingAngelGabriel1612d ago

If you ever need more than that, you can probably afford a second Xbox.

cl19831612d ago

Being that one could hook up to two devices at a time, if you would run out of space you could just remove one and add another and still be set to go.

4Sh0w1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Hell yeah, that's sweet, I'm going to have a huge digital collection of games on 1- 16TB HDD (eventually). lol, remember early last gen when we thought 20GB were alot? Micro has done a great job here in fixing any storage concerns, very convenient also.


"This is also a great way to take your content to a friend's house and get straight into a game directly from an external drive. You'll need to sign in to Xbox Live if you've purchased your content digitally or insert a disc to verify your game ownership when you take your content on the road. The great benefit here is there's no need to wait to re-download your game and all the DLC. With external storage support in June, you can also choose to copy full games and all of the associated content in one easy step."

I don't always agree with some of their decisions but I do commend their aggressiveness and focus to improve their platform.

MazzingerZ1612d ago

Isn't that a little against the whole cloud concept? Baring HDD is not really "modern" but I agree, 16TB is more than enough and I guess it supports any device which is really nice!

MarkusMcNugen1612d ago

"lol, remember early last gen when we thought 20GB were alot?"

Cant say I do. Back in 2005, I had 1.5TB of HDD space in my PC and it wasn't nearly enough. 20GB was pathetic even back then. Hence all the mods people were doing to use their own HDDs.

MorePowerOfGreen1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

16,884 gigs? Same HDD's can be used on Xbox Three in 2030 with all the games from all 3 consoles

(number based on 16TB+internal HDD)

JasonKCK1612d ago

I don't even use that much for my PC, and I own a lot of games. I have almost 5tb used. 16tb is just, damn.

rainslacker1612d ago

Hmmm...when I was into downloading software illegally I could have easily filled up that much.

I don't do that anymore though, and I haven't even filled up a 1TB drive on my PS3 yet despite downloading everything PS+ has offered since it's inception, and a bunch of PS1 RPG's I brought.

PS4 and X1 both install the whole game on the HD now from what I understand, so I'm sure it'll fill up faster.

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Gozer1612d ago

So its limited to two 8TB external drives? I don't think I would ever need that much space personally. Maybe one 8TB.

gameon19851612d ago

Do they even make HDD that big?

lets_go_gunners1612d ago

I just did a Google search, the biggest hard drive ever is apparently 120 petabytes. Whatever that is...

Calvin_ISA1612d ago

A Petabyte is 1024TB. :)

That's a lot of storage.

kneon1612d ago

I think the largest announced drive is 6tb right now, though I don't know if it's shipping yet.

But you can get enclosures that hold multiple hard drives that make it appear as one large drive to the os. You can also get better performance using striping across the drives.

MarkusMcNugen1612d ago


True, but I highly doubt the Xbox One will allow Raid 0 on USB 3.0 drives. Perhaps if the enclosure you have in mind has a built in controller.

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rainslacker1612d ago

You could also just expand them with smaller drives. So buy a 1 or 2TB drive now, then another one in a couple years, then another down the line, then just swap them out as needed.

gameon19851612d ago

Now that,s insane, why would they limit you to such small storage?/s

DeathOfTheFanBoy1612d ago

Even with the "/s" people fail to pick up on it.

corvusmd1612d ago

Earlier on twitter Major Nelson said you could have two plugged in at the same is that 16tb each or total? Either way, that is way more than you need right now, and if it fills up...oh well...swap it.

TheBrit1612d ago

16 TB total between the two drives.