Five Reasons Why Diversity Could Matter More for Nintendo

Unigamesity says, "Let’s get this out of the way first: no, I don’t think that Mario Kart 8 needs to add some spiffy, new racially diverse humans to its roster solely to satisfy what basically no one was directly asking for and what seems to have been more of a way of communicating Nintendo’s outdated product than an actual plea for diversity in the first place. But, as a fan of post-first-generation characters like Waluigi and Princess Rosalina, I do think that Nintendo has a gift for inventing new and exciting avatars for their fans throughout the world. And, as long as we seem to be having the (incredibly irate) conversation anyways, now’s probably the time to discuss why, yeah, it could actually be a pretty solid move to introduce some fantastical go-karting buddies to the company’s roster that don’t look like quite so pasty."

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admiralvic1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Anyone else amazed that a single person can make an offhand remark in a review (which got a WHOPPING 20 degrees on N4G ) and get so many reactionary posts in regards to it?

On topic, people need to just let this topic die. Games / stories / art should be based off what you want to say / show, not a checklist of things so no one gets offended. Especially since it really doesn't accomplish anything besides adding a character is Black, White, Asian, Female, Latino, etc.

EricD1611d ago

That's a lot of what the article's about, actually. You should totally read it. Maybe you'd find some common ground.

admiralvic1611d ago

While I love that you're jumping to conclusions, I did read the article. However, I posted what I felt I should, since I find these topics silly / stupid / counter productive. If you want the truth, something only becomes an issue when you make it an issue and constantly covering this things (even if you side against them) only continues the discussion. In the end, if no one made a big deal out of the comment in the first place, then these people wouldn't have any power in the first place.

EricD1611d ago

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the article and hope you approve.