Hyrule Warriors: Have We Misjudged You?

Nia of SheAttack states: "Hyrule Warriors caused me feel conflicted when it debuted in the December 2013 Nintendo Direct. Like most, I saw it as a knock-off and a disappointment to the series, but given the latest batch of information, I may have to give it another look."

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diepdiep1613d ago

The fact that multiple Zelda characters are playable makes me extremely excited!

hellzsupernova1613d ago

This! I don't see why this game got so much hate. If it was Mario no one would have cared but they try something different with zelda and everybody loses their minds.

It's a dynasty warriors game with zelda characters it should be fun to pick up and waste some time with waiting for the next big zelda game

sonypsnow1613d ago

Hyrule Warriors may be an Action-RPG with airships and world map.

-Foxtrot1613d ago

Not really, it's still just another Dynasty Warriors game with a Zelda skin on top to attract more sales. The DW games latley have been pretty mixed, so I expect the same from this, I'll find it hilarious though if it gets amaing reviews just because its Zelda Look at the screens/gameplay and be honest with yourself, if you took away the Zelda themes to it and imagine it as just another DW game would you still feel as hyped.

It's only been made to fill the void untill Zelda U comes out

Metallox1613d ago

The story is already looking cheesy and crappy, we're getting a love triangle.

TripC501613d ago

You trifroce.

Dannycr1613d ago

Trust me, it will get probably 9s. Most of the people that's hyped have never played a DW game and would have never...EVER bought a DW game without a Zelda skin

paulcek1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Yes, and some of those people buying it only because it's Zelda may find that they love Dynasty Warrior games and go on to buy other DW games...

What's wrong with introducing people to new games that they've never played before?

And I doubt it will get 9s....I'm thinking around 5-8 range from reviewers...Maybe a super big Zelda Dynasty Warrior fan reviewer will give it 9, but other than that...IGN/Gamespot and other big reviewers will give it like a 6.

Dannycr1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

There is nothing wrong with introducing people to new games... the thing is... this is not a new game. It's been here for a hell of a lot of time and none of them gave a damn about them until it got the Zelda skin and name plastered all over it. Suddenly, it's a system seller and one of the games that will "save the WiiU".

That's what some people call hypocritical. There's Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper on WiiU with characters from Ninja Gaiden, Warriors: Legends of Troy, Bladestorm, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, Dead or Alive and why weren't people talking about it? OH! and try guessing how many copies did it sell...

Concertoine1613d ago

"Suddenly, it's a system seller and one of the games that will "save the WiiU". "

...who said that? Please, feel the need to link me to anyone with more than one bubble who said that. The only place this will sell systems is Japan.

Warriors orochi 3 was a shitty port of a game that was 6 months old. How does that relate to this, which is developed ground up on the Wii U.
And i've played one DW game to completion, never played another all the way through. But then the Gundam crossover game came out, and i thought it was fun as hell! Like this, it wasnt just a gundam "skin", it took elements and characters from that universe and injected them into both gameplay and story to make the combat feel new again.

Dannycr1613d ago


When the news of the game were released they all added this game as a reason to buy a WiiU. You can go back and re-read the articles and comments.

The gundam game is still a Dynasty Warriors type of game. It's the same formula they use but with obvious usage of the story and battle elements from Gundam (not the same as using regular Japanese armies than giant robots), but still using all the core elements of the DW games, it may be a shitty port, but it just goes to show how just a name is enough for people to suddenly think a franchise that was nowhere near their radar is now enormous and really important (happens with a lot of other franchises as well).

Concertoine1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


Gotta tell ya, i ain't seeing much in the vein of "system seller" in those comments. I saw some people say that it might shift a few in Japan... which it will. Where are you getting this notion from again?
And you said that they said it would "save the wii u", not provide another incentive? You're changing your words now.

"Suddenly, it's a system seller and one of the games that will "save the WiiU"."

"When the news of the game were released they all added this game as a reason to buy a WiiU"

So youre not saying Wo3H didnt sell because it was a shit port of a game everyone bought 6 months ago? Do you still find it a worthy comparison to an exclusive Warriors game regardless of whether or not it has Zelda?

Also not sure why youre giving me a encyclopedia definition of what gundam warriors is. I just explained that the crossover made the combat feel new to me again despite being sick of the series and that this could translate to Hyrule Warriors.

You know what i think? I think you're one of those people that went with the decree that all nintendo fans said that niche games like TW101 would sell the system even though only a minority of uneducated idiots said that. I think you figured that they would say the same about Hyrule Warriors and assumed so without even looking at the announcement article. I think you're so self entitled that the fact that a cross over between one of the most iconic series in the industry and one of the most niche will bring over fans from the other series makes them "hypocrites" for not buying the buggy port of a game that anyone who wanted would have already bought on the systems its been out on for the better of a year.

NexGen1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@Concertoine: I'm probably buying a WiiU just for this game. I've always been a die hard warriors fan and literally own every game in the series. I also have loved Zelda since I was a kid.

I even said in another thread: this is my WiiU system seller.

coltlokk1612d ago

People who have never played a DW game will find this to be a new game...for them at leaset. The Zelda skin may be the magnet that draws them to the series, and they may end up liking it a lot.

Dannycr1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )


Nope, I'm not self-entitled and as I said there's plenty of proof of what I stated. You provided just one link, but in here and plenty other sites there were a barrage of comments stating how the game was going to be a fact, people list this game in pretty much all of the lists.

"So youre not saying Wo3H didnt sell because it was a shit port of a game everyone bought 6 months ago? Do you still find it a worthy comparison to an exclusive Warriors game regardless of whether or not it has Zelda?"

No, what I'm saying is that the Dynasty Warriors franchise is a 6-8 type of game, yet, now that it has the Zelda name, suddenly it becomes a 10 without any proof of it being a 10 and with a hell of a lot of past games being proof that the game/series is average. Now, the fact that it's average doesn't matter, if you enjoy it, that's all that matters, however, it keeps being an average game.

You got my point completely backwards. I'm not saying people should buy the shitty port of Wo3H, what I'm saying is that people are having unreal expectations about a game that's been proved to be average. People believe that just because Eiji Aounuma is supervising that the game will be a 10, and they forget that his focus is the new zelda, not this spin-off, all he does is just give a thumbs up (or down) when it's done. It doesn't automatically guarantees a 10, case in point Metroid: Other M: it was Metroid's own creator that created the story for the game (the thing that most people criticized) while Team Ninja handled the rest of the game.

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thehobbyist1613d ago

"just another Dynasty warriors game with a Zelda skin" With Eji Aonuma (Zelda's director) co-directing it. With Nintendo's QA which means common DW bugs will be less prevalent or gone.
No, I wouldn't be as hyped if they took away the Zelda themes. But here's the problem with that. Crossovers, especially in the world of comic books. Happens all the time.
Should we really condemn games because of their crossover nature? Should people have not have bought Street Fighter x Tekken because it was "just another Tekken game with a Street Fighter skin"?

Dannycr1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You really believe Eiji Aonuma has all his attention in this when there's a real zelda game coming out? Well...nope. It's a bit naive to believe that.

And well, thank you for answering my question in the most honest way, but the comparison with XTekken is not valid because a fighting game works completely different, that's more a collaboration than a crossover, plus, the fighting community will play Tekken and Street Fighter in the same way (even though they consider XTekken to be "not up to their standards).

Like I said before with an extremely clear example, there's already a crossover dynasty warrior game on WiiU that almost NOBODY bought or even knew about it.

My "beef" is not the existence of the game. I'm actually happy for the REAL dynasty warriors fans that will enjoy it and hopefully get new adepts from it, but, I find it EXTREMELY hypocritical how everyone is stating how the game is going to be the next coming of christ and it will save the WiiU and will sell tons and tons, yet, there's another game from the same series there sitting in the garbage bin waiting to be picked and those so called "fans" never bothered because it didn't have the Zelda game in it. It even had Ninja Gaiden names in it.

And then people ask why 3rd party companies don't support them?

chrissx1613d ago

I gotta say,I've been kinda impressed with the latest screens and details about this game

GenericNameHere1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I don't get this. Just what exactly changed the writer's mind? First she was disappointed that the game was basically a Zelda-skinned Musou... Now she can't wait for it because it's a... Zelda-skinned Musou? Dafuq?

paulcek1613d ago

Yeah...I don't get it either. The only thing I like about this game (besides Zelda skins) is the co-op with one person using gamepad screen and the other using the TV. More games should do this.

And I haven't played a mindless hack and slash game in a while, so I might be picking this one up...probably not, but maybe when the price drops down

Kevlar0091613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The graphics certainly got better since December. I'm still not keen on the Moblin design, way too kiddie and goofy for a hack n' slash. The 2 player addition is welcome

My biggest reassurance is Eiji Aonuma, the Zelda Director, has a hand in this. He has yet to fail on Zelda yet and has lamented he hasn't made a "perfect zelda" so my guess is he doesn't want this game to slip (not that I'm expecting it to be critically acclaimed)

Take it for what it is, a crossover to appeal to both Zelda and Dynasty Warrior fans. A fun twist on a usual formula. Mario has translated well into other genres, don't wee why Zelda can't.

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