Does Frame Rate And Resolution Matter To You As A Console Gamer?

An EGMR journalist asks gamers whether frame rate and resolution matters or if it's only the gaming experiences that do.

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yarbie10001611d ago

Gameplay > Everything else

johndoe112111611d ago

Gameplay > Everything else but Gameplay + Good Frame rate and Good resolution > Gameplay.

amiga-man1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Of course they matter or we would all still be playing games on the PS1, I agree gameplay should always come first but I want to enjoy that gameplay it in the best way possible.

Why o why1610d ago

Simple question is how can they NOT matter?

Too many people creating false dilemmas to support their redundant case. You can have better fr or res without detriment to anything else. We've already witnessed it this gen. Metal gear for example. How can better not be better when the narrative for the whole of last gen was that multiplatform superiority was a tick in the 'win' column. We all pretty much own 1080p displays so why shouldn't we desire games to be at that said resolution. It's not always going to happen but how can the one achieving or coming closest to it not be considered better. That matters to many. If it didn't matter to you last gen then fine, IF it did then you'll just have to suck it up because there is one clear winner here

UltraNova1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Hey guys take it easy now! the last thing we need is game developers getting hassled by Publishers to deliver broken/unfinished games just to make deadlines, rewarded/fired based on Metacritic scores and pressured to deliver on resolution/frame rate targets some systems cant even handle or worse force parity between platforms!!!!

Oh wait...

XB1_PS41610d ago

Reasonably speaking, no, it doesn't really matter to me. Games aren't going to come out with 480p resolutions. I'm fine with 900p 30fps if the game is good enough. I'd much rather play whichever game it is on PC though.

Tiqila1610d ago

Gameplay comes first. But one should specify what exactly Gameplay is. For example if a game has frame rate issues or input lag, that destroys the experience for me and I would not consider that game having good gameplay at all.

Gameplay is how well the game plays, how enjoyable its mechanics are and graphics are a part of that too, at least on the technical side.

In other cases the visuals can improve the overall game quality and even compensate for a repetitive gameplay. Imagine games where you do a lot of exploration. They really start to be awesome if the environments look awesome and that is best in full hd and 60fps and a lot of objects drawn on the screen simultaneously.

user56695101610d ago

Resolution doesn't matter, than goes off and bashes other platforms when resolution is lower than 1080p.

Resolution does matter, than goes off to downplay 4k and other resolutions above 1080p.

That's n4g logic in a nutshell. Competitive flip flopping at its finest

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incendy351611d ago

Very true, but frame rate does play an important role in gameplay.

AceBlazer131611d ago

Doesn't really matter to me, heck my favourite games look like ass graphics wise.

But I'm an annoying dick so bringing it up for Xbox fans really amuses me.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1610d ago

My fave game last gen was probably borderlands 2, the frame rate during 4 player co-op with big boss fights was HORRENDOUS!!! But I've been playing since the Commodore 64 days and my brain has been programmed to perceive frame rate drops as a sign some cool sh*t is going on in the game.

Different story for twitch shooters or racing sims though.

Why o why1610d ago

Lol, amiga and spectrum gamer here. Framerate drops were usually caused by explosions or too many characters on screen.......lmao... things getting hectic never bothered me then. Things are different now though.

insomnium21610d ago


"my brain has been programmed to perceive frame rate drops as a sign some cool sh*t is going on in the game"

LOL! That's hilarious.

1OddWorld1610d ago

Here is the nail in the coffin for this question. If they don't matter to you then you shouldn't even buy a PS4 or XB1. You should play a system until they stop making games for it and save your money.

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1610d ago

So next gen to you is about fps/res

aragon1610d ago

how am i gonna play ryse? or killzone? or sunset overdrive or infamous second son? those games look interesting can i play them on my super nintendo?

liquidhalos1610d ago

The question is "Does frame rate and resolution matter to YOU as a CONSOLE gamer"

TheNotoriousNiceGuy1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

You know what Im gonna take that back or rephrase it . Res/fps does matter but it's doesn't matter to me. It shouldn't be blown out proportion like it is tho

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showtimefolks1610d ago

yes it matters but as a whole package like gameplay having 60FPS make some games better. And if we are truly into next gen than is it too much to expect 1080P

i mean we were promised that last gen and it seems even this gen most games may not get to 60FPS/1080P

as long as the game is good i guess i am willing to overlook some of these things

Eonjay1610d ago

All things equal, including gamplay, the experience that provides the best visuals is preferable.

ironfist921610d ago

Tell that to the Watch_Dog haters

Evilsnuggle1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Frame-rates= better game play.
The only people who don't know the difference between 1080p 60fps and 720p 30fps .Don't want to know because their game consoles of choice is inferior. So they make excuses and down play resolution and frame rates.

[email protected]

I'm with you I would like all games in 60fps I would be ok with 720p 60fps. It's hard to get a game running at 720p 60fps than 1080p 30fps.

TruthInsider 1610d ago

YES! Of course they matter!

osprey191610d ago

Frame rate, yes. Resolution, so long as its not blurry as hell it doesn't matter. Dnt knw y this debate has become the most talked about, resolution is the 5th or 6th most important part of the visuals of the game. So how this became the hot topic when comparing games i really dnt know.

Elit3Nick1610d ago

that is the right answer

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BitbyDeath1611d ago

1080p should be the standard and framerate is fine as long as it does not fall below 30FPS.

supersonicjerry1610d ago

depending on the game with the fps situation i prefer 60FPS for everything no matter what but certain games i don't mind 30FPS for example infamous second son.

lifeisgamesok1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Resolution is the most overrated aspect of visuals

Art, Shading, lighting > resolution

It's not a big enough difference comparing 1080 to 900, 900 to 720

MasterCornholio1610d ago

Dont be such a dudebro.

You do know that the more powerful a system is the better lighting and shading it can handle right?

PersonMan1610d ago

lifeisgamesok ... I totally agree!

Lighting is one of my biggest concerns so far this gen. We really haven't seen what these machines are truly capable of yet because cross gen releases generally look someone bland.

Yes, Call of Duty Ghosts is 1080p on the PS4 and although the textures are sharp and the image is crisp... it still has that last-gen look to it. The lighting is a tiny bit better than the PS3 version, but that's mainly due to the dynamic contrast the game has on it.

If you had a choice between CGI quality graphics with amazing lighting and good anti-aliasing at 720p/30fps or Call of Duty graphics with 1080p/60fps which would look better to you?

Kingthrash3601611d ago

Title should say:

Does Frame Rate And Resolution Matter To You As A Console Gamer.....Anymore.
because it was a big deal last gen..and the gap wasn't as large then either.
in truth, I want the best game 60 bucks can buy...if I own both will be for exclusive, 1st and 3rd party games...the other just 1st party and exclusive games.
Its that simple. Right now I own 1 of the three consoles...lucky I chose the console that is the most powerful one...otherwise i'd sorta be pissed. I'd love my console regardless..but I perfer the best bang for my buck.

Benchm4rk1610d ago

I dont remember it being that much of a deal last gen. I cant ever remember this many articles last gen about what native resolution a game was or what frame rate it was running at. This gen its really pathetic. No matter how big or small the game is AAA or indie it seems the first thing we find out about a game or the first thing they want to announce is whats the resolution and whats the frame rate.

Why o why1610d ago

See.....lens of truth and digital foundry articles.

You're welcome

PersonMan1610d ago

Why o why: How come we never saw articles like "TLoU will run at 720p 30fps on PS3" or "Killzone 3 confirmed to run at 720p 30fps".

The resolution and frame rate were not typically selling points last gen. Last gen, gamers cared about how good the game was and how good it looked... not how many frames it could pump out or what resolution it was.

By the way... a game can look good at 720p 30fps... just look at TLoU.

Benchm4rk1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

@why o why
Yeah I am aware of lens of truth and digital foundry mate. Im more talking about all other sites now. Any time you come on n4g or go to ign or some other sites in the headlines there will beheaps of articles all stating the res and frame rate. You will always get comparisons between xbox and sony games and I expect them. But last gen when Halo 3 and Reach came out there wasnt any article before release with bungie stating what the native resolution was. Same with games like Uncharted or Killzone. You never seen twenty articles with Guerrilla Games or Naughty Dog going on about what the native resolution was for them games. These days its all you hear about. Like I said even little indie developers come out and its the first thing they announce.


Thats exactly my point. I use to read a review or watch some trailers and base my decision on that. I couldnt tell you what native res or frame rate any of my games from last gen run at and I couldnt care less. I enjoyed them regardless.

Why o why1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I agree with your sentiment but multiplats were used as fodder. We all could argue over exclusives but they couldn't ever be directly compared. I had zero issue with whatever tlou's res or fr were.. some people just have to take their medicine.

The things being discussed now are only being discussed because of the relativity to the competition and the disparity between them just like every single gen beforehand. Last gen when some websites were saying a specific version 'performed better' the same rules should apply now don't you think. Mattered then, matters now. I suppose it comes with the new gen territory. New hardware need benchmarks. Fr and res are two of those benchmarks.

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Dlacy13g1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

With next gen ability to upscale to 1080p well, I am not convinced native 1080p is an absolute necessity. Frame rate needs to be steady and should depend on the game type, etc... ultimately the graphical appeal needs to be there with solid and fun game play.