Wolfenstein Revelation: Oh Right, Gaming is About Fun

The latest Wolfenstein entry doesn't do anything new, but does it really have to? Does every single game have to be revolutionary or innovative?

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csreynolds1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Completely agree with the author on this. Most of my favourite games ever are from previous generations - TimeSplitters and Unreal Tournament, NBA Street Vol. 2 and SSX Tricky, The Warriors and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2...

New games are nice and shiny an' all, but there is definitely a void as far as real fun is concerned. CoD and BF frustrate more often than not, there are few fun sports games anymore (I miss EA Big), and the last wacky racing game I bought was Burnout Paradise.

In my opinion, Gamers NEED games like Wolfenstein, which sacrifice realism and simulation for absurdity and hilarity. There is a good reason why my PS1 and PS2 are getting an awful lot of love lately...

wallis1613d ago

I think there's room for both absurdity and sobriety in the industry it's just AAA games lately want it all. Wolfenstein, to me, is all about the shooting but it recognizes that you can't serve shit and shrug your shoulders when your called out on it. If you're going to have a plot at least make it competent. If you're going to have the usual parade of side characters then make them fun to be around, with great voice acting and detailed animations. Going to have a super villain who takes over the world? Show me his world vision and give me a reason to hate it.

Ultimately, every storytelling moment in wolfenstein felt earned. It's not trying to make you weep into your keyboard by blowing up the Eiffel tower and killing children, but at the same time it doesn't just say 'Nazi' and take it for granted that they don't need to actually write any characters from there on in.

I think what I appreciate the most is the game works hard to make the fun parts fun, without necessarily taking it for granted that an exploding building, or any other ridiculous set piece, will just immediately excite you as though your still 13.

pheature1613d ago

the game is class, i am actually so impressed with it.
magine if it was 2 player co-op

but the game is class, althou it doesnt break any new grounds as such but the game is just pure class.

Aussiebeachbabe1613d ago

This game is awesome. Best fun game i've played in a while.

Ripsta7th1613d ago

What I want is racing games with customizable body kits and engines. Last one I played that I enjoyed was NFS Most wanted(old one) and all MP games should let you customize your player. I just want to look different from everyone else