Hyrule Warriors Lands on the Cover of Famitsu Magazine

Hyrule Warriors is the game of the day and is the star of the show in Famitsu's May 22, 2014 issue.

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Metallox1609d ago

I'm officially hyped by the game. Thank you Famitsu, you do a better job than Nintendo Directs :s

Kevlar0091609d ago

You should watch one some time. I personally recommend the Smash and surprise Mari Kart 8 Direct. The one from last year's January was especially exceptional (no small part by X)

Summons751609d ago

This game hasn't even been in a direct since it's announcement, and even in that video you could tell they were hesitant to actually announce it since it didn't (still doesn't?) have an official name yet...

Just a troll I suppose but I agree I'm hyped for this game too, have been since they announced it.