Confirmed: Watch_Dogs Will Run With 4GB RAM, There Won't Be Any Lock Mechanism

DSOGaming writes: "Watch_Dogs is almost upon us and we’ve got some amazing news for those with older PC systems. According to the official PC Requirements list, Watch_Dogs needs at least 6GB of RAM. Well, today we can reveal that there won’t be any hard lock mechanism preventing users from playing this game, even if they only have 4GB of RAM."

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lets_go_gunners1613d ago

I knew they were lying. That's the case with bf4 also...It can run on 2gigs if you have the right configurations. I bet they didn't even test the game they just guessed components.

allgamespc20121613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

lol who has 2gb ram still and calls their pc a gaming pc? come on dude. at one point you people are going to have to upgrade for next gen, you cant be expecting developers to cater to your low end crap all the time.

lets_go_gunners1612d ago

What....I have a pretty decent pc. I was just stating I know that bf4 can run on 2 gigs. I'm just saying system requirements mean shxt.

Martinineter1613d ago

Any modern gaming PC probably already has 8 gigs of ram, if not, you can upgrade it.

starchild1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Yeah, I have 8gb along with an i5 2500k and gtx 770. I think I should be able to achieve ultra settings with 2x TXAA at 1080p and 30fps or higher.

MRMagoo1231613d ago

dont let ppl know you would be happy with 30fps especially in news about pc jesus man are you crazy??

iRocket1613d ago

Welp, I still have only 2 gigs :D Well, time to upgrade.

MegaRay1613d ago

I have i5 6G Ram, and I can play most games Iin high settings/resolution. Not feeling any need for upgrade

Martinineter1613d ago

I bought a new custom PC last year with an i5 3350p, hoping it would last (now its too weak ): )
Strange how games can go from "let the cpu be alone and let the gpu do all the work" to "lets utilize the heck out of the cpu and the gpu too!" in a year.

hellzsupernova1613d ago

This! Anything less then 8gig of ram these days is silly ram is cheap upgrade already

liquidhalos1613d ago

Heck even my 2 year old business laptop that can't play games very well due to a crappy grfx card has 6gb of ram. My first pc had 512kb of ram, it's amazing when you think about how fast it's all grown up. God I love technology. I wonder how long it will be until ram is measured in terabytes.

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elhebbo161613d ago

They really have to make up there mind when it comes to these requirements. oh well, I think my i5 4670k and 760 can handle it.

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