The Secrets Behind Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Audio

Audio director Don Veca created the lauded soundscape of the first Dead Space and is now bringing his talents to Sledgehammer Games' first wholly developed game. Veca and his audio team have thrown out all sounds from previous Call of Duty games and are creating their grounded take on the future from scratch.

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Vegamyster3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

Nice little video and the guns have actual punch to them, sounds great.

bloodcell3711d ago

I'm glad audio is something they are concentrating on, I felt it was really stand out on mw1/mw2 and after that the audio became weak and far less detailed. It really made a difference

Matt6663710d ago

shame it still going to end up being a copy and paste game


Modern Warfare 3 SBMM Questions Ignored by Sledgehammer in Reddit AMA

In a recent AMA, Sledgehammer Games painstakingly ignored every single one of the dozens of Modern Warfare 3 SBMM comments and questions,

thorstein241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

SBMM = Skill Based Match Making for anyone who didn't know.

gigoran8241d ago

So what's the problem? Are streamers being matched with actual competent players and getting destroyed without their cheats?

Sephiroushin240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

No, the problem is a player get matched with all other below average team mates and another team is 1 average player the rest players above average ... its like having a team of pro vs a team of newbies this was all leaked through patents you can play with friends and it get more balanced, but then everyone is just camping and the only way to win is well camping which in turn is well not anything close to fun.


Third-Person Call Of Duty-Meets-Uncharted Vietnam Game Never Got Very Far In Development

Years ago, Sledgehammer Games was working on a third-person Call of Duty game set during the Vietnam War. But it never came to be.

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jznrpg319d ago

That’s too bad. I enjoy TPS games and the idea could work if done well.


Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare 2 Was In Development Before Being Canned For WWII

Former director at Activision, Bret Robbins, revealed that Advanced Warfare 2 had a working prototype, but it was eventually shelved for COD WWII.

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chicken_in_the_corn468d ago

That is a shame. AW is my favourite CoD. I hope they do a sequel one day.

LordoftheCritics468d ago

Thoroughly enjoyed AW.

Good campaign and everything.


Same. Fantastic campaign, but I wasn't crazy about the jetpacks in multiplayer.

RaidenBlack468d ago

I still prefer CoD based on historical settings or in near future settings(like CoD: Ghost) ... even though I liked infinite Warfare's campaign ... it was top notch

CobraKai468d ago

I felt it was a good time to revisit WW2

porkChop468d ago

I actually really enjoyed WWII. I never understood the hate it got.

JEECE468d ago

A lot of people who never played a shooter prior to like 2012 get really mad about anything that isn't a modern combat game.

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