A few more bits about Hyrule Warriors’ story

Famitsu has shared a few more bits about Hyrule Warriors’ story.

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Metallox1611d ago

So anime... should be hilarious anyway.

wonderfulmonkeyman1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

So the whole threat starts because the main bad girl, who maintains equilibrium for the Triforce, develops feelings for Link and becomes jealous over his relationship with Zelda?

Could that be an indication that we'll actually see some lovers-type romance between Link and Zelda, instead of just hints of deeper affection between friends, for once?

That would be a welcome change, IMO.
It's been too long in coming; we NEED to see some sort of official romantic entanglement between those two, even if it's just for a spin-off story that people might not view as canon later on.

Not affectionate best friends.

Not a kiss on the cheek for being the hero that saves her.

A real, actual, full-blown, heart-felt, genuine romantic relationship.

rivencleft1610d ago

Man, can't wait for this game, love Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, and this goes together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Gamings_Last_Legend1610d ago

I despise Nintendo.. Let's just get that fact out in the open right here and right now..


I have to admit this storyline is actually new and refreshing! You would never see a tale of jealousy from a Nintendo title in this way. The fact that the villain is showing off cleavage is another welcome change. Nintendo might actually have the right mindset heading into e3! Go figure... Ha!

Skate-AK1610d ago

Well Tecmo Koei is developing the game not Nintendo. Nintendo is only publishing.

Metallox1610d ago

Nintendo won't publish it, at least in Japan of course.

fatneal1610d ago

actually nintendo has a hand in the development publishing and producing of the a legit collaborative effort

Skate-AK1610d ago

Knowing this isn't a traditional Zelda, I think it will still be a fun game.

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