HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games Retract Claim to Sadness IP

The Sadness IP is in the hands of a consortium with 4 studios currently fighting for the bid, and that while we at HullBreach and Cthulhi would like to make a competing bid and secure rights to Sadness, unfortunately we cannot at this time. Sorry to fans for any inconvenience.

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mikel10151637d ago

So 4 studios out of nowhere are now fighting over this game that has never gotten attention, nor any info? It just seems like they came to claim it from the hype the internet had because people heard it's returning. Maybe because of these four studios fighting over the game, maybe eventually someone will actually make the dang thing.

Mikito111637d ago

So they mis lead us... Got us hopeful again for no reason... Nice :(

stragomccloud1637d ago

This is exactly why I didn't get my hopes up. Freaking lame.