The Final Bosman: Pre-E3 Reveals are No Fun

Kyle measures the impact of some recent game announcements

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Lawboy21703d ago

First u missed the first big annoucements was may 8th which was the sunset overdrive reveal....also I know no one believes studio heads but Phil spencer told everyone this was about to happen....he said this will be a big month for announcements BECAUSE they had to push the news to make room for the show....some ppl

colonel1791702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I agree that they are no fun, but only if they show them again at the conference. If they announce something early to make room for something else, then that's great.

Thantalas1702d ago

I really like Kyle's shows. He talks in a conversational manner without having to resort to gimmicky voices, loud rock music or fast video cutting. It's just him and the camera and what he says makes a lot of sense.

His observations about the good Halo news coming just hours after the terrible NPD news to bury it and the misfired Far Cry 4 reveal is spot on. I will definitely keep watching.

AKissFromDaddy1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I agree with everything Kyle discussed. That's smart by Microsoft using Halo reveal as a shield from NPDs.

Additionally, outside of The Last of Us reveal, Borderlands 2 & Modern Warfare 2 reveals are also incredible.

It's unfortunate and really weird 343 subtitled Halo 5 with "Guardians", from Bungie's Destiny. "Reclaimers" should be the subtitle if 343 had to have one. Nonetheless, subtitles sound bad on Halo sequels because Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 had none. This comes across as untold side stories connected to the main one like Halo Reach or Halo 3 ODST.

Halo 5 Guardians sounds like a side story and like 343 connecting Halo to Bungie's Destiny. Reclaimer(s) is a perfect subtitle because Chief is called that. A "Reclaimer" is an individual who, whether by chance or by precedent, has been placed in charge of activating a Halo super-weapon. This game is still called Halo, I'm assuming we're gonna see more Halos.

I was dying with at the end with that face and Alvin Redbush skit, especially "throwing out any conventions of graphic design... like composition and color correction and negative space. Generally anything that would be appealing to the eye,...threw it out." lmfao

Halo 5 Guardians box art = Resistance 2 box art lol, pic below

m231702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

He was wrong on a couple counts. First of all, "Guardians" are from Halo. Whenever you die in Halo mp from going out of bounds or some other weird reason it states you were killed by "Guardians". I'm pretty sure they're referring to forerunners.

Also, that is not the final boxart and that has been confirmed by Frank O' Connor.

Bosman is a funny guy, but it seems as though us fans put more time into finding out about games than people with full time jobs in the industry. Also, for the record, I do think the reveal of Halo 5 was really dumb.

AKissFromDaddy1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

"First of all, "Guardians" are from Halo. Whenever you die in Halo mp from going out of bounds or some other weird reason it states you were killed by "Guardians"."

Do you have any footage or evidence to share?

When I look at YouTube, I only find Halo 3 map "Guardian" and never had people died or when I played did I ever see it state, "you were killed by "Guardians"". Additionally, there is not a single mention of guardians in the Halo plot that I could ever find on Wikipedia, YouTube, and from experience. I played every Halo too.

If you have any good evidence, I'm not above being corrected.

On the box art, it may not not be final but Kyle is correct. That is the box art they revealed. The box art images are the last 2 of 6 images from

marlinfan101702d ago


being killed by guardians has been around since the original halo if I'm not mistaken. good try though

AKissFromDaddy1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

lol, how is anyone ever suppose to find this?

No one does this in Halo and no has cared to even discuss doing this.

"being killed by guardians has been around since the original halo"

Can people do this in Halo 3, Halo Reach, or Halo 4?

No one has every spoken about "Guardians" in any Halo multiplayer, let alone any Halo single player.

So, committing suicide "specifically" in Halo 2 by "specifically" equipping the Battle Rifle as a primary, while "specifically" walking in a straight line and shooting, then quickly reloading, then quickly interrupting the reload animation by switching to the secondary which kills you, is the reason why Halo 5 is subtitled Guardians?.................... ....This is hilarious if confirmed.

I can imagine 343 saying,"Remember Halo 2?"...I would die from laughter.

It's really funny but if anything, the other Spartan is holding a Battle Rifle. This is gonna be great.

It's not convenient that Halo 5 is subtitled "Guardians" by 343/Microsoft when Bungie's Destiny calls their characters Guardians.

Bungie titled Chief "Reclaimer" for a reason. Halo's story has never had "Guardians" but has it in Halo 5 now that Destiny calls their characters "Guardians"??? Really? Nah.

"good try though" Why write this? We're just having a discussion and sharing supporting facts.

PS. If you reply directly to me instead of to yourself, I'll see your comments sooner than having to check back to see if you replied or not.

m231701d ago

A simple search on youtube will show you a ton of videos of Guardians in previous Halo games and people trying to glitch out of them. The "Killed by Guardians" thing was just used as something to state that you were killed by something that can't be explained. Some things included going out of bounds or being killed by a pylon. If you played Halo, no doubt you have seen this before. Sandtrap in Halo 3 was infamous for this.

I don't see how someone would think 343 would name their game off of another game's characters. In Halo 4, the didact states "We are forerunners, guardians of all that exist." So maybe the title of Halo 5 has something to do with that.

Regarding the boxart, it is temporary. It is presented as the boxart, sure, but the game isn't out for another year and a half. Halo 4 also had a temporary boxart from a year before launch.

AKissFromDaddy1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

"A simple search on youtube will show you a ton of videos of Guardians in previous Halo"

You're right.

"I don't see how someone would think 343 would name their game off of another game's characters."

Disagree. As you wrote The Guardians is just a idea Bungie created to explain any event where death can't be credited to another player or blamed on oneself. Nonetheless, it's suicide without actually being credited for it.

However, There is no canonical evidence of Guardians in the Halo's story line.

"In Halo 4, the didact states "We are forerunners, guardians of all that exist." So maybe the title of Halo 5 has something to do with that."

I see where that'd make sense,....but it's too convenient with Destiny. The forerunners were never referred as the guardians in any Halo by Bungie.

If you'll use that quote from Didact,....what about the rest?

"All we have tried to do as "inheritors" of the Mantle—all that will be violated, and the galaxy will be murdered..."

"Then I became the infamous one—the "conqueror" and "savior" who refused to listen to reason. And so, I vanished."

"I feel weak and isolated. I fear what I will find when I walk among "Builders" again."

"Touched by your blade, "Manipular"."

""Didact". They called me that when I taught at the college of Strategic Defense of the Mantle" (would of made sense to subtitle Halo 4 with Didact,....but they didn't)

"Humans are always "warriors"."

"Things I cannot repeat, lest I lose what remains of my sanity, my "Warrior" soul"

"That's the power the "Precursors" once had... isn't it? They shaped and moved galaxies! They created us!"

"Your privilege... "Manipular". The Halos?"

"They are now "Prometheans" - an honor I have granted them, though they do not deserve it."

Many names could've been used as subs for Halo 5, let alone just calling it Halo 5 because it's part of Halo's main canon & not a side story like Reach, ODST, or Wars. Not one direct sequel of Halo, but Halo 5, has had a subtitle. 343/Microsoft know what Bungie is making. They know & still announced Guardians.

In Destiny, The "Guardians" are the player characters. "They're a standing army of specialized soldiers tasked with the defense of the last city on Earth. They're also responsible for exploring the remnants of human society abandoned throughout the solar system and investigating the remains of their Golden Age of exploration. Guardians wage a vicious armed conflict against a myriad of extraterrestrial species who pose an immediate threat to the survival of humanity. The greatest source of the Guardian's power lies in their ability to harness the energy of The Traveler and use it as a weapon against their opponents."

That's why I believe 343 is subtitling Halo 5. They didn't subtitle Halo 4, they're first game. No other Halo, that's a direct sequel, has been subtitled and that's three of them. Destiny's characters are called Guardians. However, if you don't see it, then you don't see it, but I do and you have the reason(s) to why I do.

m231701d ago

Wow, you know your stuff. I guess I understand your reasons, but I still disagree on 343 naming the game "Guardians" because of Destiny. Either way, thanks for providing such a great explanation and reasoning.

AKissFromDaddy1701d ago

Dude,...Thank you.

It's almost impossible to have a civil discussion on N4G. I'm happy no one else interrupted us.

I'm giving you bubbles on each comment for civility. Kudos and adios.