Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break: "Videos And Some News Coming Soon" says Remedy

Remedy just shared an off-screen teaser image and added that Video and news coming soon on Quantum Break

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Biggest1613d ago

The most recent news is that they recently started full production. All of those "2014/2015 release" lists should be updated withOUT QB. Remedy was never known for quick work.

Manic20141613d ago

Well the "full production" quote could of been directed to the TV counterpart. Also last month Sam Lake tweeted an image of a set with #QB, so hopefully they are on track.

truefan11613d ago

Superman Punch. NICE!!!!

AngelicIceDiamond1613d ago

Finally its been since December since we last heard about it.

Man I pumped to see this game in action.

christocolus1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I talked about this on reddit the other day. MS/Remedy might release a trailer or make an announcement this week,following the weekly pre e3 announcements.

The last two game announcements ( Sunset overdrive and Halo5:guardians)have followed each other and were just a week apart..I don't know if there's going to be a constant pattern but its funny to see SO announced and a week later Halo5 guardians and barely a week after remedy is teasing us with QB? QB seems like the next major announcement from ms and it may be announced this week.

Anyways,Phil is doing great. This is one game I can't wait to see and the photo on screen looks like a fight scene and if they do announce this before E3 then I have to wonder what MS has in store for us at the show.

Lawboy21613d ago

I noticed that to...but SO was on a Thursday may 8th...atleast that's when it was announced I am impatiently awaiting the news from Microsoft for this week...hopefully it's this game would be awesome

Automatic791612d ago

@Chris you been amping me for a while brother. Tired of small reveals lets get to E3 already. Lmao

DLConspiracy1612d ago

Me either! I have good feelings about this one. Let's hope.

Sonyslave31613d ago

He look just like Max Payne lol

majiebeast1613d ago

Yes Max Payne is modeled after Sam Lake.

no_more_heroes1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Well, I guess we know who MP was modeled after now, don't we lol!

@majiebeast didn't know that was official!

majiebeast1613d ago

Its not an uncommon practice in videogames.

Rico from Killzone was modeled after a Guerilla Games artist.

DMC Reboot Dante has certainly been modelled in some way around Tameem.

marlinfan101613d ago

probably my most anticipated game of the year

HugoDrax1612d ago

Quantum Break and The Order for me. The only thing that disappoints me with The Order is that it's single player only. From the reveal trailer, I thought we were looking at a 4 player co-op experience :-(. Oh well, I guess we will get our co-op fix with EVOLVE and DESTINY this year instead:-)

marlinfan101612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

yeah the order looks great I'm just hoping it doesn't turn out really linear. the last gameplay i saw kinda looked like it but its too early to tell. ill be picking it up either way I'm sure lol

destiny looks great, another one of my most anticipated too. I'm excited to see what the multiplayer looks like at e3.

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The story is too old to be commented.