New PS4 SingStar “Ultimate Party” Gets New Info and Screenshots

Sony London’s SingStar is finally moving to the next generation with SingStar: Ultimate Party, and SCEE sent via press release a batch of new info and screenshots.

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Qrphe1664d ago

"and to use the PlayStation Camera to 'dress up' their living room and turn"

Will eventually buy, these party games are fun. Also waiting for Dance Central since Just Dance and Kinect Fitness are terrible dancing games.

Father__Merrin1664d ago

will singstar ps4 include dance also? i simply cant wait to trade just dance 2014 its terrible not the dances but the online segment is broken, wont save your videos slow as ass to browse others videos its just tedious il never buy a JD again

Qrphe1664d ago

It does not. Sony does have a dancing game franchises but xan't remember the name of it.

iamnsuperman1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Singstar Dance???


or Like BlackCountryBob said Everybody Dance

Both can't be counted as a series though

Lou Ferrigno1664d ago

i had both Singstar dance and Everybody dance.. and i can tell you , you are better off dancing on your own while singing lol.. It was bad , especially Singstar dance...Frustration levels hit an all time high , i needed to be drinking to have fun on that game haha..

But as for 'Everybody Dance' , that was much better ,but the content was lacking really REALLY bad.

I would stick to singstar (which is awesome) for singing and Dance central for dancing imho.

sprinterboy1664d ago

Always enjoyed singsta r, but I hope they don't waste 10 mins of E3 with some singing dance off stage demo

Budobear1664d ago

Im quite glad I kept my mics now.

BlackCountryBob1664d ago

Because you don't own a phone?

Budobear1664d ago

I do have a phone Sir, but its a darn site easier to sing into a mic, than it is to sing into the slab that is a smart phone.
Also the way my kids throw them around, its probably better if its something that only cost £20!

guyman1664d ago

please dont tell me this was Sony london's ps4 project... please tell me they have another team working on a different AAA game...

BitbyDeath1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

They have at least 3 teams and maybe as many as 5 so no need to worry about that.

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