DS/Wii Online Connection Still Functioning Thanks to Homegrown Server

While Nintendo has cut official Wi-Fi connection servers completely offline for DS and Wii consoles, they should have known that advocates of the service have been working to make a different connection for their devices.

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3-4-51703d ago

Reminds me of when Xbox live for OG xbox was shut down and people kept games/servers of Crimson Skies open for like 2 weeks after it shut off.

Man I miss that game.

Nuk1703d ago


The Japanese can close our servers but we will rise again!

Skate-AK1703d ago

That's pretty cool. Didn't know that could be done without Nintendos permission.

veegeeeffex1703d ago

The DS and Wii are both hacked devices - using this custom server structure requires the ability run homebrew software.