Sony To Try A Different Format For This Year's E3 - Insider

GearNuke: "Industry Insider Shinobi602 has been quite reliable with his leaks recently and he had something interesting to share on Twitter regarding Sony's upcoming E3."

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-Foxtrot1610d ago

This could either make the show better or worse.

DarkLordMalik1610d ago

Nothing worse. I jokingly asked him if it was "bad or worse" and he replied "Neither I'd say, just a little different."

pedrof931609d ago


This could either make the show better or worse.

I find your comment intriguing.

jtsventor1609d ago

I've always enjoyed Sony conferences and they've all been relatively the same with the exception of Kevin Butler on stage (which was a glorious moment). I'm looking forward to a change, I believe that the only thing that could make this a bad presentation is bad games or a lack of them.

Mr Pumblechook1609d ago

I'm gonna miss you Jack Tretton.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1609d ago

A new format??? Please no!! Sony and formats don't go well together. I mean... remember the PS3 and Blu Ray? They barley survived that apocalypse, they don't need to go there.

Septic1609d ago

I welcome a format change tbh. Ive found Sony E3 conferences rather boring in the past with the exception of a few. Last year's one was a snooze fast minus the little fun at the end.

They should make it like their console reveal in Feb. Games on games on games. That was epic

boing11609d ago

I hope it's not going to be 'last VGAs' different.

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GribbleGrunger1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

If anyone claims they didn't clench their buttocks at least once when reading the headline, I'm calling you a liar. Don't mess this up Sony ... I'm eating sofa here.

-Foxtrot1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I just want them to go on stage, cut back their speeches on stuff gamers don't care know the stuff which you know they have to talk about but makes you roll your eyes

Then shows the trailers while leaving the talking to the developers.

Anything like what they are going to do next year in terms of service or anything non relevant to games I hope they've thought of the quickest way possible to get that point across.

I know it's important aswell to talk about Destiny, DriveClub and The Order but I don't want most of the conference wasted on those games, games already announced last year. Even something like inFAMOUS Second Son DLC can wait as DLC can be announced any time they like. No point in showing it off when DLC will be buried under all the games coming from E3.

We don't need another Wonder Book showing.

Sevir1609d ago

@Foxtrot... Exactly... Open the show with The Order Stage demo, when it closes reveal the release date, jump right into Shu announcing 5 Big PS4 exclusives with Trailers... Next Show Case Uncharted 4, then talk about the launch availablity of PS Now, Announce some killer Partnerships with 3rd party, Announce new Vita Hardcore software, a sprinkling of PS4 indie game, then Show off Destiny's Multiplayer and AC:Unity's stage demo, then announce a Price cut (⬅unlikely) and boom end the show.

-Foxtrot1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


Pretty much what I would like to see happen

Open Show with The Order 1886

Talk about story, unannounced features, release date

Shu introduction, talks about a few changes coming to the PS4 in a future update like MP3 and video playback etc and maybe sharing will finally go through Youtube. After that he shows off some new games.

(Possible Titles)

Sony Bend, Sony London, Last Guardian

(End trailers)

Sony Santa Monica comes on stage to show their new game

GG could do the same

Uncharted 4 gets a reveal trailer and ND show us gameplay.

Project Beast is talked about, name revealed then trailer.

Media Molecule comes on stage

Quantic Dream comes on stage. David Cage talks about PS4 for a bit before finally showing us the title to his new game.

Talk about PS Now and PS Plus

Quickly talk about new partners

Talk about third party devs and show off any unannounced games. Maybe one exclusive

Blah Blah Blah...wrapping up show

End Show - Hopefully with a hint or full on trailer to show that Sony has Crash Bandicoot.

This is why I wouldn't want to see Destiny or inFAMOUS SS DLC or even Deep Down. Not because I don't care for them (I bloody do) but Sony has enough to show off. Hell we still need to think about Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV.

So many games...

Blaze9291609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

for the love of gawd I hope they put out an offical E3 app to watch the conference on PS4. No more UStream ffs!

Xsilver1609d ago

their is a app for live viewing on PS3 don't know if it will come to PS4 in Time for E3.

Cryptcuzz1609d ago

I agree, almost had a heart attack when watching the unveil of the PS4 and Ustream kept lagging.

deafdani1609d ago

Let's not forget about the third possibility: t could make the show about the same.

So, yeah. Better, worse, or the same. I bet it will be one of these three scenarios.


yellowgerbil1609d ago

What about Brannigan's Law?

ITPython1609d ago

What about Sharia Law?

Oops, that is for the XB1 conference, my bad.

fr0sty1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )


It could definitely result in more or less people watching the show. People might or might not like the change. It could sell fewer or more games, and could result in Sony winning the console war, or not.

You may or may not even notice the change.

Nekroo911609d ago

I think its going to be worse because Jack Tretton was an awsome guy

-Foxtrot1609d ago

He was a fantastic talker. Best one in my opinion at E3.

Not sure about Shawn Layden, but we'll see how he does.

Andrew House is alright...he kind of reminds me of Petyr Baelish.

Cryptcuzz1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

I'll miss Jack being on stage and doing interviews after the show.

He has a personality/charisma that is different then other executives.

Edit: @Foxtrot: IMO, Andrew House is a terrfic speaker. Always amazes me how he can also speak fluent Japanese.

Xsilver1609d ago

E3 2014
Sony Vs Microsoft

all i have to say is

3-4-51609d ago

* When you build something up and present it as if it's great and talk all excited about it and then reveal it and nobody cheers or claps.

^ Those moments are sooooooo cringeworthy, I feel bad and embarrassed FOR the people on stage.

Less of those would be awesome, and more ACTUAL surprises that are awesome.

* Corporate " AWESOME", is just normal ok.

Baccra171609d ago

Can anything be worse than that storybook presentation?

Jdoki1609d ago

That was at least 15minutes longer than it needed to be! <shudder>

Rickgrimes951609d ago

I will never forget sony at 2013 E3. They blew it out of the water an I remember cheering along with the crowd at the 399$ and no used games. Absolutely electrifying

MrTimesplitters1609d ago

I disagree, it didn't interest me at all. No blocking used games, No connection 24/7 etc. That has been in every console known to man so those announcements weren't anything new, so I didn't even care.The $399 price wasn't a shocker either, and the launch lineup was mediocre as well. So for me their E3 2013 press conference was OK at best.

Rainstorm811609d ago

Time splitters

I thought u were being sarcastic cause obviously no one wants those things, hence MS changing their policies

399 price wasn't a shock? Yea right the PS3 was 600$

Jdoki1609d ago

Except for the price announcement and the playful jabs at MS - the last E3 for Sony was pretty boring.

They need to massively step up the games this year.

gigoran1609d ago

At least they didn't say "we are going to do something amazing and different at E3 this year. And it will be great and you will love it! BUT... we can't tell you about it" like a certain other current gen console maker said recently.

I think they continued on by saying "Oh yes. They are coming. And it's going to be great! There is going to be 1... no... 3 dragons! And they are going to be awesome!"

Rainstorm811609d ago

That South Park episode is classic

gigoran1609d ago

Kind of appropriate given the topic hahaha. What a beat down! The tats on Gates making him all gangsta. Still think Sony should have won that battle.

showtimefolks1609d ago

since a new CEO with jack stepping down, we will have a new voice and if this rumor is right than new format

can't wait, i just want it to be about games

AgentSmithPS41609d ago

I'm sure Sony and Ms will all show off great games but Sony wants to really stand out, to give people a reason to not even consider buying an X1.

Sony will show the big games that everyone wants then when people think it can't get any better, Yoshida and other popular folks (to show it can be social etc) will be sitting there with the Morpheus VR headsets on playing amazing unannounced games, doing unforgettable things that are only possible on PS4. They'll probably even announce future support for great games that you already knew were coming but ones you'd love to be able to swing a sword or light saber in, hold a gun in your hand in, look up at gigantic creatures and see them how they're meant to be seen, etc. I hope greatness doesn't have to wait too much longer, I want VR in early 2015 at the latest.

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Majin-vegeta1610d ago

My interest has been peaked

Foraoise1609d ago

*Insert sexual joke about 'peaking' here*

oof461609d ago

What a tease, though. It's like back in elementary when someone would walk up to you and say, " I know someone who likes you." And then walks away. You'd be stuck there like, "Who? Who?! WHO?!?"

Hyper_Tension1401609d ago

Not that anybody gives a sh*t, but in the actual japanese dub Vegeta actually says 8000 not 9000:P

ON TOPIC: Its nice to see Sony trying something different, I cant wait for E3..............dam it I wish Jack Tretton was still there:(

voicingofreason1609d ago

You've just spoiled all the over 9000 jokes i've seen on here! lol

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lifeisgamesok1610d ago

Good luck to Sony at E3 it's going to be a war and MS isn't going to wave any white flags

This will probably be the best E3 in years

Eonjay1609d ago

Agreed. There is to be no surrender, no giving up.
I just want everyone to give it their best.

XiSasukeUchiha1610d ago

Sony too huh? this E3 is going to special for the big three, this E3 will be the most respected one yet.

Sony! :) Good job, and too other companies good job as well

OT: We don't what Sony has in store!?

Eonjay1609d ago

We don't know what they have in store but thats part of the excitement.

randomass1711609d ago

Hmm. So now both Sony and Nintendo are trying new formats. Interesting.

LOL_WUT1609d ago

Sony is still showing up at E3 Nintendo isn't ;)

marloc_x1609d ago

Really Troop? I would say they have the largest presence. I wish I could join the fun at the Nokia Theater..

randomass1711609d ago

Um, yes they are. They are on the show floor and they have a Smash Bros. tournament event. Nintendo is at E3. Stop spreading misinformation.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1609d ago

uh no Nintendo is going.

No E3 Press Conference =/= Not going to E3