GTA dev owner trademarks "City Stories," a name used for past GTA games

Rockstar parent company Take-Two recently filed for a trademark on "City Stories," a name which suggests a possible relationship with the Grand Theft Auto series.

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Massacred1614d ago

"Los Santos City Stories" make it happen.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Hopefully it's Grand Theft Auto 6: City Stories, coming to PS4.

A more old school type GTA cause I haven't really liked the past two GTA's as much, I didn't like the Russian foreign vibe and story of GTA 4, and I didn't like the 3 character thing in GTA 5.

EZMickey1613d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

Firstly, I doubt it. The "Stories" subtitle has always been assigned to the expansion type of GTA games and fans largely make that association. I don't think GTA 6 is unlikely, I just think its unlikely they'll make it a "Stories" game.

Secondly, I'm glad the Housers and Rockstar in general are one of the few developers big enough that they largely enjoy a creative freedom many other developers can only dream of and don't have to respond and react to every complaint fans have, because many of those complaints are regressive and [email protected]#king stupid. For example, yours.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1613d ago


I was just kidding about the name. But I just don't want to play as some foreign chav in a tracksuit or as 3 people. That's all.

MysticStrummer1613d ago

I liked the three character thing, but I felt they wasted a great setup on a relatively weak story.

Massacred1613d ago

"City Stories" was trade marked meaning it would be San Andreas City Stories which wouldn't make much sense.

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showtimefolks1613d ago

few weeks back there was a rumor that suggested R* will announce a game at sony's conference(not on stage maybe sony will announce for them, since R really don't attend E3)

let's see, i for one would love to see this:

GTA PSP HD collection
GTA trilogy ps2 HD collection

all in one package for ps4/xbox one

MajorGecko1613d ago

would much prefer a modern AAA vita gta with online mode that would be a vita seller i doubt they would do an exculsive ps4 game.

MysticStrummer1613d ago

GTA Los Santos Stories: Red Dead Regurgitation

In a first for the GTA series the main character will be female, a red headed bulimic aspiring to be a model who turns to stripping and prostitution when her dreams begin to crumble around her. After a fateful "date", she falls in with the mob and becomes a highly paid assassin.

You read it here first,

DarkLordMalik1614d ago

Los Santos Stories seems like it. But I want it on the Vita and it will most likely end up on mobiles =/

L0YD1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

There's already full GTA San Andreas on IOS/Android.

-Foxtrot1614d ago

I guess it's a GTA PSV title

Would love to play a prequel to San Andreas where we play as Sweet.

Bundi1613d ago

Not going to happen. No publisher is going to invest that much in a platform whose holder has no confidence in.

XiSasukeUchiha1614d ago

City Stories=Liberty City Stories+Vice City Stories+Los Santos City Stories!

The Ultimate City Stories without 'Ultimate' in the name!

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