E3 2014 - 5 Wii U Announcements We Hope To See

OnlySP: Nintendo, the company behind undisputed masterpieces such as Mario and The Legend of Zelda, is now in a state of trouble with their newest system, the Wii U. While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have broken records, the Wii U has trudged along with an expected 2.8 million sales for its last fiscal year, when the initial target was for 9 million sold.

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CrowbaitBob1610d ago

"The Legend of Zelda in a future setting"

Hell No!

user95970821610d ago

The whole thing he described was a stupid April fools prank from six or seven years ago. Some podcast " leaked" it.

This guy wants some dumb things from Nintendo.

Spikes14711610d ago

Well that's enough OnlySP for me. *Laughs* The Legend of Zelda in a "future setting". Will Zelda have laser eyes, with a fire sword and huge Armour with nukes anf free candy? But in reality he really just high, really high?

DryBoneKoopa851610d ago

Done reading articles that constantly have to bring Nintendo's financials into the light every time they want to make a point. I would of cared to of read the whole article instead of just the header but I've already lost interest.

OT: I'm sure Nintendo will have some amazing surprises in store for its fan base and ones sitting on the fence waiting to jump in and have fun. About three more weeks till all the goodies will be spilled.

Eldyraen1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Something's I want to see:

1). Zelda following style of Ocarina of Time or Twilight (the tech demo basically).

2). Sky Fox

3). Metroid

4). Mario Paint (yes you heard me right). Perhaps expanding on the idea allowing for a creation/share mode for simple games built on basic principles of 2d animation (example being scaling wireframe stick figures to player made characters--wouldn't be perfect but could allow for greater freedom than fixed characters... But if they allowed existing Nintendo characters would be sweet as well or just new more generic characters more like LBP/project spark/etc).

The last bit is probably too much to ask for but Wii U has a lot of different controls crying out for something artistic and creative. They could create a simple peripheral for advanced users like drawing pads/tablets as well so regular controller isn't quite so limiting. They wouldn't need to go big or too pricey though as can get basic Wacom/etc tablets pretty cheap nowadays. Better yet make existing ones compatible ;)

5). Console Pokemon game.

WooHooAlex1610d ago

My wish list:

1) Full 3D Pokemon game for the Wii U
2) AAA Metroid game for the Wii U
3) A full size, proper 3D Mario game for the 3DS
4) A Kingdom Hearts title for the 3DS
5) More third-party announcements

Realplaya1610d ago

First just like someone above me said why the hell does every Nintendo article have to do with the struggles. How bout talking about they are no longer selling at a loss. With that being said what I would like to see.

1. An announcement that that Pokken tournament is indeed a game. Not just a fighting game a game that allows you to use the NFP technology. Imagine a game where you have 15 pokemon characters that you start with as your beginning pokemon and you travel open world catching pokemon in time for a tournament Nintendo host online every 3 monhs.

2. Starfox game developed by shinnen and Platinum.

3. Gamecube games

4. Metroid anything.

5. Luigi's Mansion

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The story is too old to be commented.