The Dark Side of Early Access: Towns

Well, it finally happened. We weren’t quite sure what game this would happen to, nor when this was going to happen. I think this was something that all of us saw coming but none of us actually wanted to address. Now is the time to talk about it.

Towns is a simulation game developed by Super Mal Parit (SMP), a three-man team that took the game from concept to Greenlight to Steam’s Early Access platform. The game did fairly well, selling over 200,000 copies and grossing over $2 million as of summer 2013. The fan base was fairly supportive of SMP and enjoyed the game, but there was progress that needed to be made. The game wasn’t complete, the dev team acknowledged that, and progress continued on it just like it would with any other Early Access game.

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sinspirit1612d ago

It has some serious potential.