Leaked GameStop Watch Dogs Trade In Promotion

While taking a trip through a local GameStop we stumbled upon an advertisement for a trade in deal for Watch Dogs six days before the game releases.

When I asked the associate about the promotion I was informed that this promo wasn't suppose to be showcased until the game releases on May27th. It looks like GameStop is hoping to gain a hefty amount of next-gen versions of the game within thirty days of release.

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Stapleface1613d ago

Not really something new though. I traded in GTA V like a week or two before the PS4 released and $40 is exactly what I got.

hellzsupernova1612d ago

I had to read that twice because at first I thought you were saying just before the ps4 version of gta launched haha.
Yeah it is common place with any big game release

Mikethejew1612d ago

I traded it at target a few days ago and got 45

theXtReMe11612d ago

Not really leaked, as my Gamestop had huge posters advertising this at their store. I went in to ask them if they broke the street date, to see if I could get it early... No luck. :)

MasterCornholio1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Time to go Ninja style.

Sneak into the store and steal the game why dont you? Then you can stream it all over twitch before launch.


GenericNameHere1612d ago

Not bad. I don't plan on keeping the game anyways. I'll probably be done with the game by the time E3 week is finished, and if TLOU Remastered's release date is announce, I'll trade in Watch_Dogs for it.

authentic1612d ago

Isn't this the same for all games when they are just released..?