PlayStation 4 six months on: the bad

PS4 Attitude: "In our final article looking back at the first six months of the PlayStation 4, we’re taking things in a slightly different direction. You see, as someone much cleverer than the PS4 Attitude team once said, ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. And so, having just discussed everything that’s awesome about Sony’s latest home console, it’s really in the best interests of the universe’s karmic balance that we also offer a little constructive criticism."

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colonel1791611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

For me the worst with the PS4 is how incomplete the OS was launched. That goes for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. With the Wii U, a lot has improved, but it still doesn't feel like the Wii. Microsoft is giving constant updates to fix the OS, and I love that they are giving details, and dates on when they will release the updates.

Sony on the other hand, as usual since the PS3, very secretive about the updates, and not constant. It wouldn't matter when the updates were for adding new features (such as ShareFactory), but at this time, they should be updating the PS4 almost weekly to get it on par with the PS3. But the worst part of all, is that Sony makes me afraid that some thing will never be fixed or added (in comparison to the PS3). A lot of people were asking for features on the PS3 since launch that never were added, and waited until the end of the generation to explain why Cross-game chat couldn't be done on the PS3.

Majin-vegeta1611d ago

Most PS3 features are missing cuz they have to rewrite the whole coding for PS4 again.There was an article but I cant find it.

colonel1791611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

That is perfectly fine! What I find annoying is the secrecy.

Why can't they be transparent about the updates like Microsoft has been, and even Nintendo?

Why can't they write and article in the blog telling us which things they are working on for the next update?

Even the last update was released and there were thing that weren't even discussed, and people had to find them. I hate that. Give us a list of things that are working on, so that we know what is coming. Not just announce the update (and release it), without giving a FULL detail on it.

AngelicIceDiamond1611d ago

"Most PS3 features are missing cuz they have to rewrite the whole coding for PS4"

Umm I don't get why ppl are disagreeing with you are right.

You can't simply dump everything from PS3 on to PS4 and same with Xbox. If they did that the console would be laggy buggy disaster.

That's not how it works folks.

elhebbo161611d ago

I wonder if Media Molecule will show anything at this years E3? The artist inside me really want to get my hands on that creative demo they made a couple of years ago.

Prime1571611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

The little snippet where they are waving a Move Wand back and forth and a puppet-looking character is dancing with the same motion as the wand?

Yes, please. Want to know more, or if that was just prototyping...

elhebbo161611d ago

Yea I also meant the clay modelling thing and how you can make a 3d world out of those little artifacts you sculpted. really cool.

psplova1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I want custom soundtracks, myself. That'd be money.

talocaca1611d ago

Sony's love for Indies is starting to worry me...Vita and PS4 are relying too much on "small" downloadable titles to fill the gap between big releases.

I own a PS4 and have only finished Knack (as it came bundled in Japan)....

Where are my games? :'(

Majin-vegeta1611d ago

Omg cut that whole "Where are my games crap" seriously its getting irritating.Is this your first console launch??Most gamers know new consloes dont really see new games until a year or so later.

colonel1791611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

E3 is coming! If they don't show a handful of AAA games, then start to worry. So have faith, it's just a few weeks left to find out.

If they keep relying on small indie games, I will seriously think about abandoning Sony until there's a good enough library. When the PS3 was announced, they also announced a lot of AAA games (some games made it, some lost exclusivity, and some didn't even release (FFV13)), but it was nice to see that there was a very bright future on the PS3. I hope this E3 will be the same for the PS4 (and Vita).

AngelicIceDiamond1611d ago

E3 where we here about games that are 2 or 3 years from actual release.

showtimefolks1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


is this your first console? consoles never get great content for first 12-18 months. Just wait. Infamous second son,knack and killzone shadow fall.

The order 1886 2014
Drive Club 2014

Rumored for fall 2014:

sony bend's new game most likely to be syphon filter reboot

as a gamer for 25 plus year, the first year of xbox one and ps4 is looking so much better than past console launches.

That's not considering 3rd party games:

watch dogs

BitbyDeath1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

"Vita and PS4 are relying too much on "small" downloadable titles to fill the gap between big releases."

So you take away the small titles between big games and what do you get?
If you don't like them don't buy them they don't affect bigger games whatsoever.

zeuanimals1611d ago

I love that they're giving love to indies since I have something to play during the post-launch drought (Transistor is amazing if you haven't checked it out).

I didn't have much to play on the Wii U during it's first 6 months and nothing new has come out for the X1 since March. I really wished those two had more indie support, though the Wii U does have a lot now, which is great.

Good-Smurf1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

So now you want less games...
Indies or not those indies will keep us occupied until the big guns arrive how's that a bad thing? Not to mention plenty of indies are free for PS+

iceman061611d ago

There are over 60 games from AAA to Indie to F2P waiting to be played on the PS4. So, either you have quite picky tastes or maybe the early adoption of a console isn't for you. Mind you, this is more than has ever been available in previous generations at this time in the life cycle.

hellzsupernova1611d ago


Get it in your head!
Indies are filling the gap between the big titles whats the problem with that? theres a new ps4 game every week! would you prefer the xbox one lineup? just AAA games with nothing else?

uth111611d ago


And some of the Indies are great, so it's win/win

lnfiniteLoop1611d ago

agree with talocaca… Sony's push towards more Indie titles on the PS4 is very worrying… if I wanted mobile quality gaming, I would be playing them on a iPad or phone… the line up for the new gen has been quite lacking in comparison to previous gens… even the PS1 had a lot more titles released in the first month of its release…

Bennibop1611d ago

If aaa came out every week they would struggle to make money, sony has been very clever in making sure there is plenty of filler between major titles.

Darkstares1611d ago

The games are coming, it just takes time. Look at the Wii U, it came out earlier and is still struggling to gain any momentum in software support. This is not going to happen on the PS4. Plus I am glad indie games are getting much needed attention. You've got some great talent out there.

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