Watch Dogs Retail Version Leaked Online A Week Before Its Official Release

GearNuke: "The long delayed Watch Dogs is just about a week away from its official release and now it seems that hackers have managed to leak the official retail version of the game online."

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Eonjay1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

"The PS3 version was already being sold in retail stores in Brazil while the PS4 version street date was also broken, and is already being played by a couple of users, resulting in more footage and info of the game being shared online"

Would 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor start blaming people about dumb embargoes leaks and spoilers if he realized that leaks happen. You can't control the world. On top of the intentional studio leaks (Such as Halo 2 which was basically leaked by Larry Hyrb and his bee references), there are bound to be instances like this.

Anyway, it seems like street dates are being broken on a consistent basis.

porkChop1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

The thing I find hilarious about the Frank O'Connor stuff is that he doesn't seem to realize that if info about your secret projects get leaked it's because the information came from YOUR EMPLOYEES. Don't blame insiders for relaying information, they didn't leak the info, someone leaked it TO them.


And? That doesn't change anything. The fact is that the leaks are coming straight from the source. Blaming insiders is just plain stupid.

LordDhampire1638d ago

No, it could be from your publishers employee

jetlian1638d ago

its not stupid the media already knows most of whats being shown at e3. Thats how they plan the e3 shows get crews to certain events at certain times

gamer11381638d ago

This and Frank O'Connor's comments have nothing to do with one another. This is piracy NOT insiders leaking information that may or may not be true about games in development that people are slaving over. Games which could be over a year away. Troll somewhere else.

Eonjay1638d ago

This game is under embargo. His comments were about people leaking details about games before hand; which has happened multiple times. In addition stores are selling the game early so that is why we keep getting articles about details from the game. This has everything to do with what he was saying. I submit that it can not be helped.

Why so defensive?

showtimefolks1638d ago

Piracy how about its being sold on ebay with next day delivery options

and some stores are actually selling this

AgentSmithPS41637d ago

It's funny to me that the game is out there now for people to inspect since ubisoft appears to be covering up problems with the game since reviewers can't get the game early. If they know they made a great game they'd have nothing to worry about, they'd sell enough eventually regardless of reviews.

I want to believe that there's an Aiden-like person out there that crawled into the dark, greasy underbelly of ubisoft and exposed the truth ;).

I don't care if some other companies do the same thing, I just won't buy a game day one if they're too secretive, we have a right to know what we're getting into. Pre-order bonuses are something else that needs changing to protect consumers.

FalloutWanderer20771637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Exclusive pre-order bonuses along with day one/on the disc dlc ,have become a cancer that is slowly destroying gaming imo. "Destroying" is a harsh word but seriously,it is absolutely horrible how publishers and some game developers push these kind of "incentives" via retailers.

The sad part is,that there are many gamers out there who continue to feed into these practices.otherwise the publishers would begin to reduce,then eventually they'd stop doing it all together.

If they realized we were voting with our wallets and sales began hurting because the fans refused to give in again and again.feeding their cash cows.

For these reasons alone,I tend to wait certain games out until the GOTY/Definitive/Ultimate editions release. I still remember before Fallout: New Vegas released they had those courier,merc,vault pre-order packs at different stores. Unless you pirated those or waited forever until the ultimate edition came out,you would be pretty much forced to buy the game multiple times.

It is ridiculous. That there are people who do that for such little bonuses is a damn shame, if they are rich,hey more power to you but it just isn't fair to the gamers.

Better examples though would be say,Mass Effect 3 and the decision to make a story related character and pretty damn important if you ask me, day one DLC!! Sickening.

Reminds of the rumors (or was it real plans?)certain devs were going to make it if you bought the game used (pirated too of course)you would have to pay an additional amount of money to access the MP or finish the end game. Something like,a game with 10 levels,you would be locked out of the last level or 2!

IceKoldKilla1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Brazil seems to be the only reported country. Here in Valencia, Spain FOR YEARS I've either bought games early or have had friends get them early. There's a store called Media Markt (sort of like Best Buy) near my house that will sell it as long as it's in stock. The dude working for years in the video-game section seems to either be dumb or not care. If you ask for a game and it's not on selves, you ask him to check in the back and he'll find it and bring it. And of course the lady at the register isn't gonna care or even know. I stopped though because I get games cheaper on Amazon :)

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DarkLordMalik1638d ago

Pretty much.

Plenty of sources of leaks like retail stores, journalists, insiders with connections, and devs themselves, so it is hard to control them.

The best way is to let the developers be more open to their fans and not hide info.

MidnytRain1638d ago

How is being more open to fans going to do about people leaking their games online>?

DarkLordMalik1638d ago

Actually, i made a new comment instead of replying to the first comment. My mistake.

Bonkerz1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

And people wonder why ALOT of games dont get released on PC, this is you're reason.
Stealing content is not cool, you are just hurting the people who are making our games.

pompombrum1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

If you bothered to actually read the article, you'd know that the version that got leaked was actually the 360 version and not the PC one.

Bonkerz1638d ago

You are not getting the point..

pompombrum1638d ago

I get the point perfectly clear.. you hate PC gaming.

Alex_Boro1638d ago

@Bonkerz there is no point. Pirating happens on any platform as proven by this article.

admiralvic1638d ago

"You are not getting the point.."

So the point wasn't that you didn't read the article and instantly blamed the PC, but that the game getting leaked for platform is why they don't release them on PC? Yeah... that makes sense...

hankmoody1638d ago

He's talking about the practice of hacking and leaking games for piracy purposes in general, which happens quite a bit with PC games. I thought he was pretty clear.

pompombrum1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

^^ Yet is completely unrelated to this topic.

ritsuka6661638d ago

And you pay 60$ for a game is right?

porkChop1638d ago

Gamers aren't hurting anyone. The employees who leak the games online are the ones hurting their own companies. If a bank employee were to walk into the street and throw a bunch of cash in the air, who would you blame? The employee or the people picking up the cash?

jmc88881637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Why would I blame anyone? It's money created out of thin air and backed by nothing.

It's not like any of that money was something people worked for.

These days they don't even need to print it, just add a '0' to the account.

Besides, while pirates, pirate all platforms, those that do, most were never going to buy the product anyways, and those that do buy it, never would of bought it, if they didn't pirate it to begin with.

Hell if anything piracy INCREASES SOFTWARE SALES.

Some people pirate and then buy, others just pirate. Piracy has also existed for a long, long time. Like since the 1970's, and it was BIG then.

Like as big as now, except instead on the internet, they were groups of people cracking and copying discs of Apple II games.

But when incompetent people are in charge, and stuff goes wrong, these incompetent people can always find suckers to believe their propaganda. Happens all the time.

Not directing this at you, just in general.

But it is hilarious when you think about how some people think copying a game is such a big evil, meanwhile what does the Federal Reserve do when they just make money out of thin air? It's like copying money and distributing it.

The Federal Reserve are Money Pirates....arrgh!

TedCruzsTaint1638d ago

One, I still feel that this was as much an anti-PC statement as it was an anti-piracy statement. Two, games get pirated on console all the time. And in a big way. It's just not part of what is looked at as the norm, despite games being pirated in the millions on console as well, and is not talked about in the same light. Three, there are very few games that don't actually make it to the PC, not to mention PC has thousands of quality games that never make it to console. Developers seem to be fine with that and seem to be making a profit.

Plagasx1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Also, console games are pirated weeks in advance compared to PC where you would have to wait for release..

A good example of this is GTA V and Gears of War Judgement.

choujij1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Is it okay if I download a copy now and buy it upon release to support them =D?

Btw, nothing beats Halo 2 leaking almost a month before release.

starchild1638d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Yet it's the console versions that are always leaked online and pirated well before the release date.

I agree with you that piracy is a bad thing and hurts the people making the games we love, but it's not a PC thing, it's a problem on consoles and PC.

I'm a PC gamer and I buy my games. Quit hating on the PC just because you don't game on PC.

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Ghost_Nappa1638d ago

Thieves, plain and simple.

Eonjay1638d ago

Can you elaborate? What do you mean? Who is the thief. The people who paid the stores or the stores themselves who purchased the game from Ubisoft?

barb_wire1638d ago

I know the 360 version has leaked, was on one of my RSS feeds.

Still a shame - and a week before release too!

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