Sony Pushing To Improve PlayStation Now; Working On New Features, Security And Debugging Tools

"It seems that Sony are working around the clock on Gaikai, their cloud streaming technology for games."

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Ctiboi20101610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

That's great, Microsoft and Sony are both working hard to deliver great online gaming experiences it sounds like. Just read the article about Microsoft adding more features and now this from Sony. Great news. Wonder what type of features they will be announcing. Anyone think they will reveal anything regarding Gaikai at E3?

kingdom181610d ago

Oh most certainly considering it's supposed to be releasing for the PS3 and PS4 this summer. Really hope I get a beta code for the next phase before its released, I haven't heard anything bad about it really, but we can except problems when they get a lot of users though...

S2Killinit1610d ago

Looks like Sony is really uping the bar

XiSasukeUchiha1609d ago

So true, Sony is upping the bar again!

Sayburr1610d ago

To me, this is the game changer between the systems. Not graphics, which I personally can't tell the difference between, but the streaming of games.

If Sony gets this to work, there will be no more consoles, Sony will just start including controllers with their TVs and you can play any game at any time as a rental. Seems the future really is in the cloud.

Kingthrash3601610d ago

Nope......that would force you to have internet connection to play...which needs internet stability which means every game will have lagg. Not mention the fact that not everyone has internet access In their area. They would lose money.
The idea is an option only.

kingdom181610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I view as a great thing for Sony in general, if they can make it large enough and and make sure the network is in good condition I can see this as being a great thing. Imagine being able to play any game on there any where you want that has a good internet connection, you'd be able to access PS Now through PS4's, PS3's of course, and PC's, Mac's, TVs, tablets, Vita's and Vita TVs. Of course its a great idea in theory but will it be practical when it launches... who knows?

*I think we are still quite far from it making consoles obsolete, maybe when most of the world have fiber optics internet like Google Fiber and Verizon FiOs, or at least the portion that already has cable internet replaced by it, and DSL replaced by cable.

mark3214uk1610d ago

there pushing to reveal a date at E3 i think,im hopeing for a beta in the uk soon seems to be usa only at the min,and ihope that doesnt meen there going to launch in the usa 1st and EU has to wait :(