Washingtonpost PS3 and Wii Review

The makers of video game consoles may someday develop a machine that delivers on all the pre-launch hype, but we're not there yet.

The new PlayStation 3 from Sony Corp., the Wii by Nintendo Co., and even the year-old Xbox 360 from Microsoft are not magical boxes that will revolutionize your gaming experience.

They will, however, certainly improve it with better controls, built-in Internet capabilities and other new multimedia tricks.

There's an important lesson this time around with one of the most overblown features: the graphics. They surely dazzle, but they aren't everything.

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zypher4450d ago

a well formulated assessment, one that's about as true and as accurate as any unbiased gamer could hope to write, and one that should please ALL camps. so i ask myself: why do we argue about which is better? in the end it's all about fun gaming. Game on Gamers!

JIN KAZAMA4450d ago

Dont try to call the 360 idiot fanboys, gamers. They are idiots, and totally closed minded. Screw them.

frostbite064450d ago

You mean to say dont call the ps3 fanboys gamers b/c you know there all just gonna end up cooking hot dogs on that grill.

power of Green 4450d ago

Welcom3 chang3 and the future of gaming, JUMP IN. I dont like Sony console's and their games(exclusives) how does that make me an idiot?. I'v been Playing B3yond for some time now.