Why We’re Hooked on Transistor and Its Weird Talking Sword

Wired: What a mess. There’s a dead guy slouched on an beautiful neoclassical rooftop, bathed in electric blue light. There’s a girl pulling a sword out of his body, and when I say “sword,” I mean a wide-gauge, Cloud Strife-looking overgrown chef’s knife.

The rooftop’s ornamented like a circuit board. There’s a torn gown discarded nearby and decorative chevrons on the ground, the walls, pretty much everything. And then there’s this voice. This weird, raspy, disembodied voice. Oh wait, it’s the sword. The sword’s talking to me.

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incendy351611d ago

I love the style and sound! So good, but about an hour in and I am also very bored. Does the story start to make even remotely any sense soon haha?

Chuk51611d ago

I'm about 3 hours in, it's coming together at about the same pace as when I started tbh.