The Walking Dead: Why Season 1 Wins Over Season 2 - Spoilers

Gamasutra: So, I just played episode three of The Walking Dead’s second season. And well, don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad… I even think it was the best episode of this season, but in my opinion one thing is for sure: The second season is far from the excellence of the first. But why’s that? For me there are four main issues.

**But before reading on: be warned, there will be heavy spoilers!**

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wheresmymonkey1637d ago

I think its a little early to say. there are still two more episodes left of season 2. So far i'd agree that season one is the stronger season though. S2 so far just seems a bit unfocused and meandering.

Nerdmaster1637d ago

Up until now, I'm liking season 2 as much as I liked season 1 (although I do miss Lee's voice, even though we get to hear it in the "previously on..." parts in the beginning of every chapter). Playing as Lee was great, but playing as Clementine and seeing how people interact with a child is also great.

CerealKiller1637d ago

I just finished season 2 episode 3 and I didn't really enjoy it. It felt like it was just going through the motions and was pretty much linear didn't leave room for many choices. It had the same structure of many past episodes and tv shows, start off imprisoned and by end of episode escape.

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