External Storage, Real Names and More Coming with Xbox One System Update in June

Major Nelson: With the next system update coming in June, we’re thrilled to announce two of your most-requested features will be here soon: external storage support and real names for identifying your friends.

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4Sh0w1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Yes very cool, this is the ONE I've been waiting for. You can use ANY USB 3.0 256GB or more external harddrive and you can even use up to two external drives simultaneously. There are other nice additions but that is the major thing I appreciate. As expected X1 is evolving and getting better and better I just didnt expect the pace of these updates to come so fast, keep 'em coming.

Blaze9291664d ago

when it comes down to it, Xbox One will be getting all the features users are asking for a lot quicker than PS4. Sony just can't keep up with these updates

GarrusVakarian1664d ago

I agree, but both companies do updates differently. MS tends to give us smaller updates more frequently, while Sony fives us larger updates less frequently.

Quick question, will external storage support allow us to watch movies/TV shows that are on our external HDD's? Or can it only be used for storage of games/game data?

JDabney241664d ago

@Blaze929 I'm not denying that these features coming to xbox one aren't awesome, but why does Sony need to catch up? Most of the features that Microsoft is/has implementing/implemented have been on ps4 since day one. Maybe not being able to use an external HDD, but you can certainly swap out the internal drive for a much bigger drive. I swapped out my 500GB HDD for a 1TB HDD day one. I think Microsoft is the one(no pun intended) playing catch up here. All that said, it seems that both sony and Microsoft are listening to what gamers want, which is great!

AceBlazer131664d ago

Why did you even have to bring Sony into it? External HDD? Big whoop, thank god I could've swapped out my internal HDD since launch. Real Names? Once again since launch. Just be happy with your console and stop trying to compare it to the ps4.

4Sh0w1664d ago

Hey bro I'm just glad I can keep going all digital with my games without worry of space constraints. Plus I can now just load up all games on 1 portable huge drive to take to my relatives house to play my games on their X1, which leads to my question of how this will work exactly to prevent folks from just DLing and sharing???

bcrazy181664d ago

@lukas I'm wondering the same myself lol

ZodTheRipper1664d ago

You do know that this stuff is available on PS4 already?

HugoDrax1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


"but you can certainly swap out the internal drive for a much bigger drive. I swapped out my 500GB HDD for a 1TB HDD day one"

There are 2 issues I see with that....

1) The average consumer will not know how to swap out an internal drive. An external hard drive is plug and play, the average consumer can do that with ease. It doesn't require you to know the 2.5 inch size requirements of the HDD, to ensure it will fit internally into your console. All it requires is that you have a USB3.0 cable/hdd.

2) A bigger drive? How much bigger? As far as I know the largest 2.5"HDD that you can currently put into a PS4 is 2TB. External HDD space is well beyond 2TB. Just look at the video (1:47), this xbox update allows you to use two hard drives simultaneously. Showing that 5.7TB of space was now available.

Yet you say one of the best software companies in the world is the one playing catch up here? Yes I know the XB1 is just now implementing REAL NAMES. It's something I use with my friends on PS4. Anyhow, the rate in which Microsoft is able to update the XB1 console, shows that their specialty is SOFTWARE.

I'll say this, stop being so insecure and focus on playing the great games headed our way from all 3 current gen consoles. You will have more fun that way, I know I will. I own an XB1, PS4, Wii U, and vita. Play games, not consoles my friend.

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dale_denton1664d ago

hurry up and catch up M$, sony's had these features for the ps4 already.

marlinfan101664d ago

theres plenty of features on x1 that ps4 doesn't have.

1664d ago
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hello121665d ago

Just downloaded the May update a few days ago. You can download it manually now. Another update Microsoft, is busy.

kewlkat0071664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

"Microsoft, is busy."

Most certainly...updates are coming out so fast, the console I bought 6 months ago is no longer the same.

-New features added and features that just never made release date but should of been there.

-New policies added and some reversed.

Can't say I should of waited tough..been enjoying the console and my Kinect features. Can't wait for the Plex integration...

marlinfan101664d ago

you, are right. microsoft, has been, awesome

wicked1665d ago

Great, I only have 12% remaining. This is one major nelson has been using:

Seagate Expansion 4TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBV4000100)

n4gamingm1665d ago

I hope they release what kind of external is required before the date

hello121665d ago

Any external hard drive, that uses 3.0 usb, i would think?

MaxKruger1665d ago

Any USB 3.0 external drive with at least 256 GB. You can even use up to two external drives simultaneously.

n4gamingm1665d ago

Awesome already got one ready

No_Limit1664d ago

Actually, there is no limit (no pun intended :D) on how many drive you can use. If you run out of space for the two external drive, you can swap them out and add in additional external HDDs. I think this is a much better solution than having to swap out internal HDD.

Rocky51664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Basically any 256GB+ USB3.0 windows 8 supports the xbox will support, since it runs windows 8.

mrpsychoticstalker1665d ago

Make it backwards compatible.... I will be more than happy!