DSOGaming - Wolfenstein: The New Order - PC Performance Analysis

DSOGaming writes: "All in all, Wolfenstein: The New Order’s CPU requirements are exaggerated. The game runs fine with older quad-cores, provided you have overclocked them. Those with i5 processors will certainly be able to enjoy MachineGames latest tribute to this legendary franchise. And while the real CPU requirements are not that high, the game does require a high-end single GPU to shine."

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GamerzElite1615d ago

Unable to play no matter what setting is this, Low frame rates, Shuttering happen with AMD graphics cards. Specs: Win 8.1 64bit, CPU-FX8350 GPU-R9 280x RAM-18gb with latest drivers. Only medium 720p run without frame hiccups. Felt waste of money.

SniperControl1615d ago

I feel for you dude, Intel and Nvidia chipsets in mine, runs fine on high settings.

Once again, another poor port from consoles, with poor PC optimising.

air11615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Should of got it on a console... Sorry bro.

I'm downloading it right now, even though the game was not on my radar at all I hope it's a great game it actually better be a great game lol.

MrGEE1615d ago

yeah its optimised for nvigia i found cudart64 file in game folder

DoctorJones1615d ago

Played it for a couple of hours this morning with a 670, had to turn Screen Space Reflections to low and shadows to 2048 (or whatever it was) or it turned into a bit of a slideshow. With those two settings off it runs sweet.

iistuii1615d ago

780 & i5 on ultra runs fine. Needed to turn off Triple Buffering when vsync was enabled to stop artifacting. But runs perfect now.