Is the Paid Market for Mobile Games Broken? Bardbarian Dev, Treefortress, Thinks So

This opinion piece over at Grab It discusses the fate of Premium games on iOS in wake of Treefortress Games comments about the business model.

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SlappingOysters1701d ago

I sure hope not. I would rather pay upfront for everything that pay for a single IAP.

Darkstares1700d ago

I like how some games and apps are free but come with advertising. Then to remove the advertising you pay on average $1 to remove them and to support the developer. That way you get to try before you buy. One of the issues now especially with the new consoles is many games still don't even come with a demo.

SlappingOysters1700d ago

Yeah that is a good model. I also don't mind the demo for first few levels, then normal price to unlock rest of game.

CoyoteHunter1701d ago

It's a shame that not enough people bought Bardbarian. I think it's a fantastic game. We really need to show support to quality indie devs like these guys.