WCCF: Early Watch Dogs Multiplayer Gameplay Footage and Impressions

"We exclusively leaked the first review of Watch Dogs a few days ago and took massive amounts of heat for it. Fake allegations aside even Ubisoft had the audacity to claim that “real” reviews would come on 27th. Yet a review published in a print magazine just yesterday was dubbed as the first real review, which made the criteria for real plainly obvious: Any review that gives Watch Dogs a perfect score is a real review. Well here is some more ‘fake’ exclusive material just for your viewing pleasure. Oh and this time we made sure to include features the comments had requested and which we had mentioned but not shown in our original review."

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Adexus1615d ago

Magazine reviews are far different from online reviews, magazines are printed way earlier and obviously can get into users hands earlier on so the scores often get leaked.

Also your original "review" was incredibly suspect... including this one.

rodiabloalmeida1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I don't believe people still thinks wccftech review was a fake one. *sigh

Adexus1615d ago

All they talk about is the multiplayer, very vague points about SP that anyone could've wrote just from watching the trailers, not to mention only posting gameplay from the online portion of the game.

DragonKnight1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

If they wanted to prove they had a legitimate copy of the game, it would take 2 seconds to have photographic or video proof that they actually have the game with their review. That they waited, and only decided to come forward with what the comment section wanted them to come forward with only after they were called out just works against them even more.

Anyone can make beta footage seem like it's the actual retail game, conclusive proof is showing the game case and disc, or the actual retail game on your harddrive and loaded up ready to go.

WCCF is salty because no one believes their B.S. review and so they're trying to paint Ubisoft in a bad light because they were called out for their B.S.

The only thing discussed is the multiplayer, and this guy wonders why people are calling him out.

codelyoko1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

the review itself being sloppy is one thing, and it being fake is another. wccftech has now included all the things people requested in the comment sections.... so that retty much proves they have the retail disk as they say. And i find it very interesting that the multiplayer beta testing is accessible by retail disks.

Adexus1615d ago

How does this prove they have the retail disc? They're only posting multiplayer impressons, screenshots and videos still, nothing of the SP.

codelyoko1615d ago

@aeon they did everything the comments asked, the map and stuff. So that means they have access to the game somehow. there are 2 ways they could have gotten access.

1)They are part of ubisofts internal beta testing.
2)They have a retail copy.

Now it would be extremely retarded if it was option 1. so that just leaves option 2.

cyguration1615d ago

Exactly. It amazes me that there was this whole big thing about "legit" leaked reviews and "fake" leaked reviews.

A review is a review. If they have footage to back it up then just let them be.

Funny that the "legit" review was considered as such just because it gave the game a higher score.

Palitera1615d ago

He pretty much admitted he only got the game right now.
One has to be pretty dumb not to realize he reviewed the beta for hit fishing.

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JoyiusHammer1615d ago

Note to everyone here: Ali Naqi revealed the blurred out names. He said he was not sure if they were devs or normal players - but assumed they're devs. Just thought ppz should know!

JoyiusHammer1615d ago

But yeah this game looks like shit now

logan_izer101615d ago

Is nobody capable of uploading high quality video?

JoyiusHammer1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

The high quality link is here...found it online:!aBAFBR...

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