Final Fantasy XV Game & Engine Development Is Coming Along Steadily, Breaking Into "Important Phase"

GearNuke: "Famitsu recently conducted an interview with Hajime Tabata, in which he shared new details on the state and development status of Final Fantasy XV."

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kratoz12091612d ago

Being waiting for this since 2006.
This game does sound promising and cannot wait to pick this up on ma shiny PS4 :D

vishmarx1612d ago

"important phase"?

that takes 9 years?

AnotherProGamer1612d ago

the game actually didnt go into full production until late 2011, most of the FFXV team was helping make FFXIII-2 and FFXIV

sonypsnow1612d ago

"important phase"

would means they've totally bid farewell to PS3 cell architecture and fully moved on to PS4 HSA architecture.

Greatness Awaits!

Cryptcuzz1612d ago

It sounds and looks very promising indeed.
Can't wait to get this game and play the hell out of it.

I have a strong feeling this is the Final Fantasy everyone hoped XIII should have been.

Squall_231612d ago

Nice .. I feel unhealthy when it come to this game ! .. I really like tabata btw .. Hope he direct
ffxvi with yoshi ..

Nate-Dog1612d ago

Your words mean nothing without proof SE.

AsimLeonheart1612d ago

I agree. More meaningless "update" on the game that actually tells nothing. We have heard things like "the game has gone into full development" before and they still have nothing to show for it. The game should be nearing completion instead of "breaking in to important phase!" I am tired of waiting! >_<

torchic1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

to be fair to Square Enix, since they re-revealed it as Final Fantasy XV we've been getting tons of updates on a very regular basis like every game should. so that's a definite sign that it will be releasing sooner rather than later.

during the Versus XIII days we'd go more than a year without a single update. at one point I remember it was about 18 months without an update.

Nate-Dog1612d ago

Tons of updates? It's nothing even near tons of updates and it hasn't actually been any different to the usual gap between news and footage. We received one set of footage last E3 (gameplay with story and narration over it, and then relatively uncut gameplay in the same area). Since then (within the first few weeks after E3) Nomura released tidbits of information and that's what he did before, but since then we've had more or less nothing. Nothing has changed at all. If we get new footage at this E3, then sure things have changed since we haven't had 2 different bits of footage released within a year before, but the "the time of having no information about Versus / XV is over" claim by Square was rubbish and still is until, at the very least, E3.

Deadpool6161612d ago

"Breaking into important phase..."

In short, this article is telling us they're working on it and we have to wait....

colonel1791612d ago

It's funny how after more than 7 years, we still get vague information like "important phase". What does that even mean?

I can't believe Square Enix just can't get this game done! They prioritize so many things instead of focusing on one thing at a time to have shorter development times. By the time Final Fantasy XV either the expectation will be so high that it's going to fail, or people will just be uninterested.

I just can't see the game do as good as it would have, had it launched 5 years ago, as it should have.

AsimLeonheart1612d ago

You are understating the years man. NINE YEARS since the game was revealed in 2005! Whole 9 YEARS and the game is still nowhere near completion!

Adrian_1612d ago

You guys are aware that it hasn't been in development for 9 years?

Gore-Content1612d ago

It better be! Remember, this was supposed to come out for the PS3, lmao!

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