The rise and fall of Halo

Halo was one of the top eSports games but struggled to stay on top. Can Halo 5 revive the shooter?

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KingKelloggTheWH1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

I sure hope it gets great again, I quit playing Halo 4 after a few weeks, all my friends went back and started playing reach again.

Hopefully 5 can recapture the magic, love me some halo..well usually

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hellzsupernova1664d ago

I loved halo 4s multilayer don't really know why that gets so much flak. But my problem was farcry 3 come out around the same time and that game was incredible

mhunterjr1665d ago

With Reach and Halo 4, the devs were trying to fix a problem that didn't exist. There was no need for armor abilities, instant respawns, or custom loadouts to make the game approachable to casuals.... The ranking system already accomplished that. It allowed people to hone there skills against similarly skilled rivals, while also motivating them to get better...

If 343 goes back to basics, everyone will be happy...

Illusive_Man1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

A problem did exist, it was called being "stale". Reach/Halo 4 MP were natural evolutions to the game. Go back and play Halo 3 MP. Not only is it slow and plodding, it's simply not as fun. The customization in Reach/Halo 4 brought interesting twists, tactics, and strategies. So I'm not sure what people mean when they say they hope 343i brings back competitive arena experience. What does that mean? Are you unsatisfied with the maps, I can understand that but the Gameplay at its core is still Halo. Personally the newer Halos feel closer to how a real Spartan would feel: fast, stealthy, powerful killing machines.

Allsystemgamer1664d ago

While I normally don't agree with you. I do here. Halo IS my favourite franchise and may sway me to buy an X1. Halo 4 was the best of the games in one game. HOWEVER I did get bored of the MP because it felt too much like halo with a few new features. That and I'm not too fond of the spartan 4 armor. Yea it's cool but I like the plating better than the wetsuits with random armor. LOCUS armor was SICK though. Halo 1 mc is still my fav armor set. Mark V.

I dunno. I logged thousands of hours into halo2 and 3 and it needs an evolution. Not just another halo. I have faith in 343. But only time will tell.

mhunterjr1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

It's hard to argue that the customizations brought interesting twists and strategies, when popularity of those games particularly, halo 4, trailed of quickly. How can it be argued that halo3 was stale, when more people had fun with it, for longer, than they did halo 4.

Halo4 killed all strategy really. No need to struggle for control of key locations on the map because instant spawn, kill cam, and over powered weapon loadouts meant that dying was hardly penalized, and it was too easy to get the jump on someone who killed you. In the old Halo, dying hurt: it meant losing the weapons you fought so hard to obtain, and being unable to assist your team for several intense moments. It encouraged and rewarded self and team preservation. In the new halo There is hardly any reason to communicate, or learn the nuances of the map, or use the weapons on the map. It essentially became a twitch shooter.

Also, the gameplay IS NOT core halo. Sure the shooting mechanics are the same, but that's about it. Halo1,2,3 MP was about knowing the maps, knowing the weapons on the map, knowing when and where powerups and ammo spawn, and using that knowledge to control the flow of the match. And a well timed killing spree could shift the tides of battle. It was about outsmarting the opponent as much as it was about out gunning them.
Halo 4, and to a lesser extent halo reach inserted so much randomness that strategy went completely out the window. You could no longer plan an attack based on the weapons your opponents had. And instant Respawn made killing sprees less rewarding.

Change for the sake of change does not mean an improvement. Especially when you're changing to be like COD, which was ACTUALLY stale.

LAWSON721664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


Nice comment, bubble for you

FriedGoat1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )


That is so very well said.

Shadonic1664d ago

Me and my younger brother went back to 3 and while it was indeed slower it was the most fun we ever had on Halo my younger cousin and some of my extreme COD or die friends even jumped on and played Halo 3 talking about the old days before they switched to COD. Its not stale 343 just wanted to make their own Halo (they stretched this a lot) which oddly turned out to be Halo COD.

They need to actually bring Halo back to its roots this time I want competitive and balanced play not the same old create a class jargon we see everywhere.

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Spurg1665d ago

There is an invisible need that the 343i need to achieve...the gamers wont understand that because they think they know better.

The author should have said Multiplyaer rise and fall not Halo as a whole...I don't recall the comics, series and books being about the multiplayer.

FriedGoat1664d ago

In my opinion, The books and comics are what make the storylines so poor.

I remember the first game, where I actually though the story was great.

Then suddenly giant talking plants, and all this other junk. The British villain in 4 was just stupid as well.

lifeisgamesok1664d ago

I don't see what the problem with armor abilities are they added a gameplay element

mrpsychoticstalker1664d ago

Halo 5 will change gaming as the original xbox did years ago.

BitbyDeath1664d ago

No. Halo is still a popular franchise. You will see.

SegaGamer1664d ago

Halo changed gaming ???? I really don't think so. Halo is fun but it didn't change gaming.

Galletto31664d ago

yea one of the best selling franchises in gaming history did not change gaming in any way what so ever.... /s

TheRealHeisenberg1664d ago

Ok ummm lets see here. How about this.

Halo raised the bar for FPSs on consoles to which all other FPSs are still measured against.

I think I nailed it.

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Rapture131664d ago

Halo was one of, if not the first console FPS to use the twin stick control style. No console FPS had ever incorporated vehicles the way Halo did. The AI and graphics were some of the best in the business. It introduced console LAN to the masses. Heck, even the physics spawned an entire community dedicated to "tricking", such as launching Warthogs, getting outside of the map, etc. It basically created AAA console shooters.

Halo 2 then changed online console gaming forever. The in game UI, matchmaking/rank system, friend's list and clan support trumped anything on consoles before that time. There was stat tracking and heat maps on that to this day is better than most online shooters.

Halo 3 introduced theater mode which spawned a community in itself of beautiful screenshots and Machinima. Forge Mode was an awesome addition too. I can't think of a single console game that had a creation mode that combined ease of use and the features of Forge so cohesively.

Bottom line is that Halo is THE game that first perfected and defined console shooters forever.

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SegaGamer1664d ago

@Galletto3, just because it sold really well it doesn't mean it changed gaming. Do you game differently now since you played Halo ?

Eldyraen1664d ago

Anyone that has ever played on an Xbox has in some way Halo to thank for it. It was basically what cemented the Xbox's success even if some people don't like the game. Games like Forza, Fable, Gears, etc are what helps keep Xbox alive however as Halo is a great franchise but I doubt it could had kept xbox going on its own (but it is a big reason why its still here).

As a more general, industry wide 'game changer' Halo basically did what Jaws, Star Wars, etc did for the movie industry. There is no denying there weren't fantastic and even 'better' movies/games before they came along but they are what helped bring around Blockbuster releases which simply changed the way the medium is presented. Other games may have started it but none captured it the same way Halo capitalized on going BIG. Big budgets, big production, big advertising, big everything and it seems to have paid off.

Was it necessarily a good change? Possibly not as a lot of the added cost could be put into new games but then again it HAS impacted the industry which is more or less the question at hand.

However from a more gameplay/gamer perspective what Halo really did was help push Online console gaming into the forefront of people's/developers' minds. Once again Halo wasn't the first to do this but it did it best and revolutionized the way it was being done. Practically every Halo game has brought something new to the table or at the very least expanded/improved upon an outdated formula.

Halo 2 for example basically helped revolutionize Multiplayer Matchmaking since PC has always and often still utilizes more traditional server based systems (manually get to choose servers such as in Battlefield even today) and Party Joining is still a rarity or often unnecessarily complicated system on PC.

I'm not one of the biggest fans of the franchise (I have bought/played every Halo game other than ODST however) but I can't deny it hasn't left its mark no matter what people may feel towards the game itself. I think they are great games but to be honest none of the Halo games (on their own) would probably make it into my top 5 FPSs of all time (the Franchise however might but not a sure thing).

Halo to me is like most big Blockbuster films--a great lead up to release, a ton of fun while actually experiencing it, some cool memories for later on down the road but ultimately doesn't quite leave the same impression/impact as some of my more favorite titles. Its fantastic, but just a little less awesome as some other games but I would still put it well above 90% of all other shooters or even most games in general.

Just my take both on Halo in general as well as how it has affected both gamers and the gaming industry in some fashion.

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