Super Smash Bros Pic Of The Day 21.5.14: Sakura explains the new character mirror design

Mike from Mii-gamer:

Like with Brawl, Sakurai will be providing daily updates on the development progress of Super Smash Bros For Wii U and Super Smash Bros For 3DS through Miiverse.

Yesterday's Pic of the Day - Sakurai kindly shared a screenshot of the Capsule that contains all the assist trophy.

Today's update Sakurai explains the new mirror design that is implemented into the game - which serves the purpose to showcase the best features of the character.

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Kennytaur1638d ago

This has been known for some time, but it's nice to see the alternate skins.

randomass1711638d ago

I appreciate the mirrored look. I got tired of the characters looking away from me if I was turned the wrong way.

lizard812881638d ago

In the N64 version this was a big problem. Like if you used Ness' taunt, he would bow and say "ok" with his back towards you.

PygmelionHunter1638d ago

I don't know... I kinda liked that. Will get used to this in no time, though.

3-4-51637d ago

Little details like this are usually what makes games GREAT.

* I'm sure there will be another 20+ little touches like this.

Nintendo always seems to impress with their big games.

thehobbyist1637d ago

To be fair this is partially because Sakurai is one of the few directors ever to actually program for his own games. He spends time programming the hitboxes, the worst part of development. So with him doing the dirtiest of the dirty work we get these little treats.