If the FC4 image is racist, then it should be sexist too

The Far Cry 4 story synopsis has been accidentally revealed, giving us a little bit more insight into the game's story. After Far Cry 4's cover image reveal, a debate has been fueled over apparent racism in the game to which the developer has responded.

If the FC4 image is racist, then it should be sexist too

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lord zaid1665d ago

This is one of those issues that seems like it was sucked out of thin air.

Sillicur1665d ago

Exactly, people will complain about everything without knowning all the details :(

Agent Smith1665d ago

How is that racist anyways? It's just Patrick Stewart and some other guy.

joab7771665d ago

Yep. What if someone made a game representing slavery in Africa in the 1700's? What if they showed a pic of 1 tribesmen rounding up another? Would they call it racism? What if it depicted slavery in the US? Is it current racism...or a story being told. We already know that he is the villian, so if he were white, it may just be a story about racism, hatred and violence. Now that we know he is probably Indian, would that make it any less racist b/c he isnt white, as if white ppl are the only ppl in the world that can be racist. In Rwanda, almost 1 million African men, women and children were slaughtered in 3 months by their neighbors. Why? Because their noses were different (in short). Is this racism?

It does a serious disservice to actual evils committed to throw a label at everything simply b/c its popular. In the US we elected an African American president...and in 6 yrs the racist rhetoric has only grown like wildfire. Why cant we recognize the immense progress, while remaining vigilant, and keeping sacred terminology meant for real evil.

Sillicur1665d ago

Wow very well said, thank you good sir ! I completely agree

OokuChicken1665d ago

That happened in an Assassin's Creed game, nobody cared.

HanCilliers1665d ago

Gamers, *shakes head* we can really go overboard hey. Good opinion on the debacle from the writer, I agree 100%

Sillicur1665d ago

Thank you. Yeh this issue was blown up way more than it should have been, just goes to show how sensitive people, especially gamers still are.