Weed Firm gets deleted from the App Store after hitting number 1

WP - "Well, folks, it's official. Weed Firm is the new Flappy Bird. After hitting the top spot in the App Store, the game's been pulled off of the App Store. Why? Who knows? There are still plenty of pot-related games on the App Store, which is why the pulling of Weed Firm is making absolutely zero sense."

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mydyingparadiselost1613d ago

I was gonna sell my game, but I got high.... I was gonna make fat stacks of cash, but I got high.... My games taken off the store and I know why, yeayea, because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.

iceman061613d ago

La da da da da da da.....LOL

IQUITN4G1613d ago

Trying to pull a flappy

ScottyHoss1613d ago

It's obviously the corporate/government machine trying to keep a harmless substance harmful in the publics eye (even though we know it's bull, the two states that legalized had a "super bowl" for freedoms sake)

Testfire1613d ago

I wouldn't say it's a harmless drug. Sure it may not cause cancer like cigarettes or damage the body like alcohol or meth, but it's not "harmless". I've known many people who became addicted to bud, (and yes it is addictive) and it ruined their lives. Others who it made them habitually lazy.

For many it helps, but it's still not something kids should partake it or be used when driving or at work.

OT, probably got removed due to parental complaints, and I imagine there has to be a lot of those.

George Sears1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I'm no advocate nor the standard for what happens when high, but I disagree when people say weed makes you lazy. Sure, at the moment you feel relaxed and unwilling to do anything that relates to manual or physical labor, but most people who will smoke won't even be doing these things unless they want to kill there high and they will be smoking at there own personal time in the first place

If the person gets lazy in life, it's because he or she was lazy and uses weed as a cop out of how it made him/her lazy in the first place.

blackmanone1613d ago

There is actually zero proof it's addictive. Sure people can get addicted to anything but there is no chemical addiction in marijuana. Find one peer reviewed journal and I might change my mind, but I've searched and all I could find was the usual propaganda articles.

annus1613d ago


"Addiction" isn't always considered the way cigarettes are addictive. You can be addicted to masturbation, video games, gambling, and anything else. Anything that relates to pleasure, accomplishment, satisfaction or any other emotional feelings can lead to addiction.

I've first hand experienced people who were 'addicted' to weed. Using it to remain calm, to be able to sleep, to work, and to even socialise. They became so dependant on it that they found it extremely hard to function without it.

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metalmatters1613d ago

I agree with Testfire, although its not nearly as dangerous as other bad habits, its still a bad habit,and it is definitely addictive BS when they say its not.

showtimefolks1613d ago

it is no doubt about it, people can defend it however they want

ScottyHoss1613d ago

You know, it's soooooo addictive with a depwndancy rate less that coffee, tobacco and alcohol. It's harmless compared to alcohol, which is legal

metalmatters1612d ago

I just think, anything that affects your 5 senses is bound to be unhealthy

ScottyHoss1612d ago
So.. Food affects all your senses :P I could post links all day from valid sources who can prove scientifically that in moderation it is harmless, if not helpful to the body and mind. Anything is harmful in excess, even water.

Copen1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Anything can be defended but in truth the drug isn't designed from a corporation with only profits in mind. Many people try to demonize and criminalize marijuana but it's all bullshit it's been proven to be bullshit and until it's legal and taxable from the biggest drug dealer in the world our US government it'll continue being a bullshit excuse to put people in jail instead of rehab. Jail brings in money rehab costs money it's not hard to see why the government chooses jail. This coming from someone who doesn't use it when in reality due to my chronic pain I probably should. Doc's would rather stick me on on Morphine so they can keep the money rolling in that's my reality.