Opinion Exchange: PlayStation Plus

Is Sony's pay to play service doing all you hoped? Like to see some improvements? Share your opinions with the rest of the community.

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Kingthrash3601614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

its too good as is...backlog full.
next question.
protip: so good, it even upgraded xbl.

GameSpawn1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

The author is complaining that, to him at least, the PS4 has been getting indie titles instead of "newer" big games and fears the service trending to offering only indie titles.

We are WAY too early in the PS4's life span to have big hitters start appearing on PS+. The reason the PS3 got big games like Arkham City and Bioshock Infinite is because the list of BIG games available is quite large on the PS3 and having these big games available on PS+ doesn't detract from the others that aren't.

The PS4 only has a small handful of games available, such that if Sony even offered 4 "big" games through the first year, then a good chunk of the "big" games would never be purchased at retail because everyone would just hold out for it on PS+. Indie games (right now) are more plentiful and more beneficial for both Sony and the indie developer than AAA titles on the PS4's Plus. For the indie dev this is free advertising and also guaranteed money from Sony for "expected losses" from users who obtain the game via PS+ rather than buying it. People are more likely to purchase AAA titles (considering the advertising behind them) than indie titles (especially higher end $20+ indie titles) anyways.

I firmly believe the authors fears won't come to any sort of light once we are 2-3 years into the PS4's lifespan and an abundance of AAA titles have been made for the system.

Also, come to think of it I don't think any AAA titles offered on PS+ for the PS3 were less than 6 months old before being offered on Plus (feel free to correct me in reply).

Personally, I don't mind the indie offerings because I'm very apprehensive of buying indie games until I've seen a good amount of gameplay and preferably have played a demo. Plus washes away those issues as I have ZERO investment beyond my year membership (a pittance compared to the game full price) to try the game out once it hits Plus. If I REALLY like the game I'll get DLC if available to support the dev or be more apt to purchase future games from the indie dev.

DualWielding1613d ago

Its awesome on PS3 and decent on Vita, if you have both PS3 and Vita its a steal....... PS4 is suspect, is understandable nobody is going to give a triple A title for free at launch but the question is whether they ever will or whether knowing most people would get ps+ to play online would lead them to get lazy with the games... since Xbox Live is apparently going to start giving indie games now this may motivate Sony to start giving retail titles in order to one up them......

HollywoodLA1613d ago

The premise of this article is a bit odd.

"Is Sony's pay to play service doing all you hoped?" I don't remember 'hoping' for anything... I don't own Sony stock, I'm not invested in the company at all. What I can say, is the fact that Playstation*Plus has forced me to go back and spends weeks on end, playing Free, AAA PS3 games, as opposed to all of the other great games on my PS4.

It's the leading service as of now, beating the crap out of Microsoft's games for gold service. It's the reason I played through the entire Bioshock series.

Bioshock:Infite - FREE (PSPLUS)
Bioshock - $5 (PSPLUS discount/sale)
Bioshock2 - $5 (PSPLUS discount/sale)

It's doing it jobs.