Complete List of EA SPORTS UFC Fighters Revealed

GoodGameBro writes, "Thanks to an early leak, we now know the full list of fighters and arenas for EA SPORTS UFC.

While the list is about 50 fighters short of the previous THQ offerings, it is somewhat expected considering the sheer amount of graphical detail going into each character and due to the fact this is a fresh franchise for EA SPORTS. The list of fighters tops out at 99 total, with some fighters being available in multiple weight classes. The amount of arenas is impressive however, and a lot of the authentic venues are available."

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ifistbrowni1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

this game comes out in like 3 weeks. The lack of any previews or substantial gameplay has me worried.

EA MMA was garbage, but had online servers that were manageable.

THQ UFC Undisputed 3 was IMO top-notch but it's online servers were atrocious and ruined the game.

Now that EA has taken over, you would assume the online would get better and gameplay would mostly stay the same. But, lack of any real evidence of the gameplay being solid and the fact EA gave this project to an incompetent team (lets be honest, the last fight night they made was awful) has me worried.

Sure, it looks pretty, but the gameplay has to be up to par with the previous UFC undisputed titles. I can cancel my pre-order just as easily as placing it.

moomoo3191613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I figure with these graphics if they make striking similar to UFC undisputed series and clean up grappling it could be the best UFC game yet.

EDIT: And the roster is awesome!

ifistbrowni1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

that roster is pretty sweet. I had a brain fart and didn't see GSP at first and was upset. But i just over-looked him the first time.

As much as i am skeptical about this game, i CANNOT wait for this game to release. It's been too long without a working UFC game. It went from a game i played nearly every day to out of my life completely.

I hope they have a create a fighter career and it is a lot like NBA 2k's career where there is a story-line. A few people might find that lame but, as long as the dialogue isn't as corny, i think it would be awesome.

Disclaimer: I know NBA 2k is made by 2k and is not in any way related to this game (EA). I just think a career mode that resembles NBA2k would fit perfectly into this game.

Gameplay, in case anyone missed it:

chinlu1613d ago

"EA MMA was garbage"

I do not share this view. The only thing that was garbage in that game was the horrid announcer animations. Other than that, the fighting was way better than UFC Undisputed imo.

stavrami-mk21613d ago

There was some gameplay on ign yesterday. Looked ok but was a little rigid. I will be getting it but not expecting to be blown away

Donnywho1613d ago

If they could just turn back on Fight Night 3 servers I might be able to forget about how boxing is dead in video games.

midlouisiana1613d ago

They have gameplay on youtube its 6min video check it out the game looks better then ufc undisputed series

Omegasyde1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I wish this had more legends like dan severn, the shamrock brothers, and tito ortiz.

Atleast is had Chuck and Royce.

No rampage jackson either????

DanaBlack1613d ago

WTF NO DIEGO SANCHEZ?! + no Charles Oliviera, Takeya Miyuzaki, Nam Phan, Jussier Formiga, Tim Kennedy KAMON MAN