PODCAST: Pachter on Hardware Wars

Gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter joins Next-Gen to talk in-depth about the next-gen hardware wars and predictions for all three formats. This is a podcast not to be missed!

The PS3 and Wii launch this week, and Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Pachter offers his viewpoint on the impending three-way console battle. Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation Magazine publisher Daniel Morris is another special guest, subbing in for Colin Campbell who's on assignment this week.

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BIadestarX4449d ago

DJ & all Sony fanboys, this is a most listen podcast for you. This podcast pretty much says that the 360 will be a disaster and the PS3 will be #1 in the whole world. "They preditct that in the year 2010 when there are 5,000 movies available on blu-ray Sony will beat all consoles. (HD-DVD not even mentioned)". They sound like Sony fanboys. Here is the direct quote fromt them, "Microsoft Over Promissed and Under deliver", "Sony did not do the same, they did not under deliver", "Sony is determined not to over promise".

kmis874449d ago

That's odd. I'd heard this guy talk before and he seemed pretty reasonable. He said that the ps3 would get 38%, wii 32%, and 360 30% but he wouldn't be surprised if the ps3 and 360 were reversed.

He also said bluray would be the winner because in Christmas 07 it would still have the most studio support and the ps3 was a great distribution vector so stores like Walmart would be stocking bluray movies and not hddvd so they could have more space for regular dvds.

I'll listen to this and see if he changed what he's been saying.

Munky4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Yes he did say Sony was going to come out on top, but in 2010 and that was only by a slim margin, similar the the numbers Kmis87 said. But that all depended on what happens with the format race. The "Microsoft Over Promissed and Under deliver" qoute was just talking about the launch shipments MS had avalaible last X-Mas. The guy obviously knows what he is talking about in terms of investments but he seemed a tad out of touch when it game to the gaming community IMO. He himself admiited that he has made some mistakes when it comes to his predictions,like not investing in Strabucks and also predicting that EA wouls surge last year. So it just another guys opinion on a subject that nobody has a clue of how it is going to turn out, "expert" or not.

I personally think PS3 is going to win, you just can't deny the massive install base that they already have beacuse the bottom line is that it is a amazing machine. But with that being said when you look at the PS3 and the 360 for just gaming purposes, forget all the bells and whistles(HD-DVD, BLU-RAY, BC, media playback..etc) I think the 360 comes out on top. And the reason why I say that is because of the games, the truth is that besides MGS4 and the next FF the 360 just has the better games now and that are going to be coming out. In the end they are supposed to be gaming consoles right? Alright all play nice now ;)..Peaz

power of Green 4449d ago

PS3's not $200 nor will it ever be, 360 has the games.

Marriot VP4448d ago

consumers without an HDTV agree too

beans4449d ago

I'm with this guy though on virtual gaming idea! I really hope that the Toshiba tv on the head thing is a step in that direction! Just imagine running for your life in Halloween the game and feeling a sense of fear unlike ever before!