Here’s What The Mario Kart 8 Game Disc Looks Like

Mario Kart 8 has yet to be officially released but one person has already managed to get a retail copy of the title, and has shared an image.

The image shows the Mario Kart 8 Action Guide, a look at the beautiful Mario Kart 8 game disc, and the included instruction booklet.

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admiralvic1638d ago

I'm glad it actually has a manual. I've been sad every time I open a Nintendo game and only see "this is how to find the digital manual" paper.

Nitrowolf21638d ago

ugh that's the common trend today. A lot of them are just health warning stuff now. Miss the gold old days with the manuel filled with some artwork and secrets

AKR1638d ago

Well; it's becoming increasingly more obvious that people generally DO NOT READ. They just go straight to the product. That's why so many companies have started omitting printed manuals, and instead replacing it with a (simplified) digital version. And those that DO include manual, only have a small slab of paper (like this one).

In the end; while they sure were fun to read, especially during those rides back home from the game store in my case; they do end up decreasing the creation and manufacturing costs for the game cases, not to mention preserving ink and paper - if you care about the ECO stuff.

thehobbyist1638d ago

Then explain to me why video games were $60 with or without them? You see the thing is putting a game on a disc and into a plastic case costs less than $10 to produce. A paper manual costs like $1 to produce. Meaning that in that $50+ the game makes that cost is easily subsidized.

Metallox1638d ago

But this is not the typical instruction booklet, it's just like a quick start guide. I hated that from Super Mario 3D World but now it seems is permanent :(

admiralvic1638d ago

Still better than nothing.

GeofferyPeterson1638d ago

Yeah good deal! I was expecting a blank disc and no instructional manual. Now it's totally worth $60 bucks! C'mon man!

coltlokk1638d ago

It's just a picture of the artwork on the disc, which looks pretty well done...Just to show people...

And it was already "totally worth $60 bucks" idea what your point is actually, no idea why I even bothered replying...

LOL_WUT1638d ago

Nice! Don't forget to register your games especially for this title. ;)

GamingSinceThe80s1638d ago

The people disagreeing with you must not know about the free game download for MK8 that comes with your choice of NSMB U,LOZ WW HD,Pikmin 3,or Wii party U.Or maybe they just have something against free games?

saviin1638d ago

Or maybe they just dont like him, I think most just auto disagree wut, I think he might have multiple personalities so always read his comment first.

Deep-throat1638d ago

Sorta borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

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