Has Minecraft On Playstation 3 Proved Microsoft Were Right

Microsoft have been through the wringer in the past 12 months and rightly so for the PR disaster that was the Xbox One Launch.

Digital Downloads are a medium that Microsoft were telling people that was going to be the dominant force in this generation of consoles.

Sony's Reply was that gamers did not want to rely on digital content and wanted boxed games to stay, but were Microsoft only announcing the dawn of the next generation, if they were they blew that message up and got their fingers burned.

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Bundi1639d ago

I don't want digital only games because it limits my use of a game. I like having options. That plus I have a limited monthly data expensive one at that since it isn't fixed.
I do however want the digital market to become more and more like the physical market. I want to be able to trade or sell games between friends/acquaintances (platform holder can charge a small fee per transaction or get a cut of the sale) or borrow games between friends with ease.

Docknoss1639d ago

I understand having a choice but I'd be fine with just digital. It's so much easier and I don't trade in my games anyway's. The only flaw is the Data limit with the larger game sizes this Gen will have.

guitarded771639d ago

You wouldn't like it when there is no competition. Some games at $60 for digital download are available at retail for far less on a daily basis. If you eliminate the competition, they can charge whatever they want.

Mr_Writer851639d ago

Then you just don't buy.

Don't forget it's publishers who set the price.

If Call of Duty is £70 and Battlefield is £60 which one are people going to buy?

Also consoles do have sales you know, at Christmas I bought Dragon Age 1&2 cheap, I got Final Fantasy 14 for £12, and quite a few more.

Yeah most games launch at a high price, but you won't always get them on disc for much cheaper at launch.

mikeslemonade1638d ago

Microsoft is usually never right in the gaming industry. They're wrong again here because last generation when they wanted nobody really cared and it is now this generation where it is taking off.

Volkama1638d ago

I understand we've been trading and selling games since time immemorial, but it's not a fair model for the people that make the games.

I say support the industry, and pay to play.

I also say the industry should support us right back though, and cut the damn prices.

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Omegasyde1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Point #1 - Why going all digital will sucketh suck

If you are in the USA, net neutrality is going to bone you in a few years.

When you play online, you spend your bandwidth.
When you stream netflix, you spend your bandwidth.
When you download 30+ GB games, you spend your bandwidth.

I have a 100gb soft limit with my cable company. Everytime I exceed this limit, I get a e-nastygram stating to watch my downloads or buy a more expensive data plan. They state this because they are prepping me for an a##raping.

Combine a digital future with net neutrality, and we are all screwed. Sony and Microsoft and anybody else with servers will have to a pay a higher premium if they want quality speeds. The FCC states that Internet providers can charge companies for "better" access speeds, and that ISPs are not going to charge our customers.....

In order for companies to stay competitively with premium speeds that cost a lot more, they will pass the buck to the customer. Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

This Means - the possible return of online passes, Likely higher costs with Xbox live and PS+, or more games going towards peer-to-peer hosting instead of dedicated servers.



TL DR - Going all Digital is going to f^^^ us.

Omegasyde1639d ago


Point #2 - Why going all digital will sucketh even more suck.

Say Nintendo, Sony, OR Microsoft left the gaming business completely. (we will refer to them as "they")

When they left, they closed down thier respective consumer store i.e. Xbox Marketplace, PSNstore, Nintendo Eshop....

Before the "they" left the gaming business, you spent close to hundreds if not thousands of money
buying "digital" games.

Well because your Hard Drive was only 1 terrabyte (or even smaller), you could only store ~10 games on it. You would often rotate the games out to make space for new games, which a total collection of 40 Full priced AAA games.

Since they closed thier digital store front, guess what? You're stuck with 10 games, and lost out on the other 30. Now if those games were physical discs, you wouldn't have that problem.

Separate example -

If you are reading this, and it seems unlikely this will affect you - imagine when 2 generation of consoles come out (Ps6, XboxThree,WiiX) and you want to play a retro game.

If you kept the old console and wanted to play some old games for nostalgia, you could just quickly pop in a disc and go on it. With a digital version, you have to worry about licensing expire or if a publisher goes out of business.

Baka-akaB1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

your arguments arent wrong at all , but usually two generation later .... truth be told ... there will be ways to emulate (be it "legally" via renting/rebuying stuff or via other means) your old console content .

And most wont have the old hardware intact to even pop a disc . Let alone the state of the disc themselves . Having seen it first hand a bit in retail shop , plenty people are pigs and slobs with their game and movie discs

DragonKnight1639d ago

@Baka: Emulation should never be counted as a consideration. Not only because it's unreliable, but because it requires at least 5 times the resources of the original hardware to do it any justice.

Even now, PS2 emulation is a hassle. PS3 emulation is impossible.

An all digital market is laced with bigger cons than there are pros. Especially considering that the availability of digital games is entirely dependent on whatever 3rd party developed and hosted them.

Right now, if I wanted to, I can buy a NES and whatever NES game I want to on some store like eBay for cheap. Why? Because it's physical hardware.

If PSN goes offline completely, my download list goes with it and all the games I paid for vanish into thin air, having nothing to do with how well I've taken care of them or not.

That's why all digital should never be an option.

Volkama1638d ago

As a gamer I certainly wouldn't avoid playing a game on the grounds that I might not have the option to re-play it in 20 years time.

As a publisher I certainly wouldn't care for these concerns either. As a publisher I'd recognise that a digital purchase guarantees I get my revenue, and also confirms that the buyer is one of those oh-so-lucrative consumers with a connection (those valuable chaps that can potentially keep spending on DLC and microtransactions).

So the only things holding back a digital future are limitations on bandwidth (mostly just in America) and this strong consumer sentiment that it's an attack on their rights. That sentiment will be so easily eroded when the time is right.

Digital future is inevitable.

DragonKnight1638d ago

Volkama: You know, I personally detest it when people have such a defeatest mentality that they say something is inevitable. That's only true if it's allowed to be, and wouldn't be true if consumers stick to their guns about their rights.

I'm also glad you're not a publisher, because you have the wrong attitude. Yours is one that says "I don't care about the consumer, I only care about dat money."

But you're not thinking that once people realize that they don't get to use the product they spent money on at some point, and that it has nothing to do with that product being broken or not working for some reason, that's when they're going to get pissed. Because the only reason they don't get to use the product they paid money for is because someone else didn't want to spend money to keep it available.

The 50 or so EA games that are offline now because of the end of Gamespy is proof that an all digital future should not happen. That's 50 or so games that people who spent money on can not use to their fullest function, or even use at all depending on the situation.

Arguing in favor of something like that? It's that kind of attitude that has allowed the corporate B.S. to infest gaming as much as it has and continues to devolve gaming from art and entertainment to just another business model and marketing scheme.

Volkama1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

@DragonKnight, no it is not really a defeatest mentality. That would imply this is something I do not want to happen, but will allow anyway. Not the case, I fully embrace an all digital future.

I want physical distribution (or at least the associated ecosystem) to end. That might sound selfish, but I do not want this for myself. I want it to end because it is a bane to the industry that I want to see thrive. And because I know that devs deserve to receive money for their toil.

As for the risk of a service being taken away, I simply don't see that risk as a good reason not to enjoy said service. When you get free games with Playstation Plus do you enjoy them less, knowing that you can't go back to them if Sony terminate PSN?

What about the digital ecosystems on phone platforms? Do you avoid those, or is there something that separates them from a console marketplace? Could any difference not be adopted?

Have you ever known anyone say they avoid downloading PSN games, and instead purchase the disc copy because they want to own it? People embrace the DRM and the lack of ownership simply because they see good value. That is how easy it will be to erode any resistance to a digital marketplace.

Of course you are entitled to prefer physical distribution, and you can kick and scream as much as you like in order to keep it. But don't "detest the mentality" of people that do not share your perspective.

DragonKnight1638d ago

Volkama, physical distribution has sustained the gaming industry for nearly 4 decades. It has never been the bane of the industry, and I gather you're talking about the used games myth. I'm not going to bother going into, again, why used games aren't hurting the industry because all the points have already been made about it.

Physical distribution is better for consumers and doesn't hurt developers or publishers. The only thing that hurts developers IS publishers, and what hurts publishers is their inability to form a decent business model.

Digital distribution will also eliminate the need for competitive pricing. Publishers have seen how much we are willing to pay for games. They have no reason to lower the price of digital games when people are still willing to pay full price for them.

You keep bringing up this notion of "who do you know that avoids buying online games because they may not be able to use them later" and that's not the issue. The issue is that it is a fact that online games will one day become useless. A lot of core gamers love to go back and play the games they grew up on frequently. A generation of core gamers who grew up in a digital only market won't be able to do that if, say, Activision decides to close some servers hosting X amount of game downloads. People do switch out games on their hard drives because they don't have space, and suddenly games they paid for are gone when they want them back again.

That's a problem that physical distribution doesn't have at all.

Your attitude is decidedly pro-corporate and part of a huge problem with apathy from gamers. I bet you love the fact that Watch Dogs has 5, count them, 5 special editions. None of which offer a complete experience, meaning you have to buy all 5 to get the full experience. More money for Ubisoft eh?

TankCrossing1638d ago

Eh? Prefering digital distribution somehow equates to an endorsement of Watch-dogs collectors editions now? That's a stretch, perhaps we'll just brush that aside and address the more reasonable points lol

Physical distribution did serve the industry well for a lot of years. But the landscape has changed. Most notably the internet has totally altered the way we share and distribute data, including games. It's also changed the way we play games, and they way publishers monetise them. You can't just cover your ears and shout "I like things just the way they are!". Adapting is necessary.

As for used games and trading (and piracy according to some) not hurting the industry, you only need to look at the continued attempts to tackle that from all publishers to know that the people with a real vested interest disagree with you, regardless of any opinion pieces that champion it.

Pricing is a fair concern, particularly with the prices Sony and MS are currently listing games. I am not accepting of that. I have not bought a single console game this year for that reason.

Competitive pricing does not have to be lost for the sake of going digital though. Competition can (and surely must) exist. Look at PCs, you can't say digital distribution locks us into bad prices. The PS4 already has a fledgling Amazon store, that alone should be enough to set both consoles on the right path. Greedy publishers is something worth guarding against though, agree with you on that front.

Your concerns about losing access to games are legitimate of course, that can and will happen. As I say, that just is just a pill I am willing to swallow for the advantages (and imo necessity) of digital distribution

PC gaming has essentially been all digital for several years now. Give it a try sometime, it might alleviate some of your doubts.

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DVS-Zev1639d ago

One of the worst submissions i ever read here.Doesn't even make sense.

It's as if you have some point in your mind, but you can't properly convey it in writing.The result was this.

CBaoth1639d ago

Ha I had to read it because of your post. Just terrible.

"And it still sells in large volume on Xbox and Steam as well."

Just sad.

majiebeast1639d ago

Wtf did a drunk monkey write this?

macethedon1639d ago

As long as the digital price is more expensive than the retail price, I'm never going to go digital, you can get brand new games for around £20 cheaper, the digital prices are criminal.


Here in Brazil it's the opposite... I mean, the digital price is still high, but many stores put whatever pricetag they believe they can get away with, specially around small towns with little to no competition.

I recently bought BF4 (note it's a 6 monthes old game) on the PS Store for full price of R$199,99, at around 90 USD this is not a good deal, but the few stores in my city were trying to charge R$229,99 (that's just under 15 US dollars difference), while buying online from a more honest store, they still want 199,99 (and the mailing would just push the price around up there too).

And all this is while Sony's MSRP is officially set at 179,99 (about 80 US dollars) mind you, but so far I've only found this price on first party games, and you need to get it on the PS Store or on Sony Style stores (physical or online), every other stores I've seen charge at least 199,99.

805Junior8051639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The game is small. Less than a hundred MB's. People that have Data Caps can handle this download. Games on ps4 and xbone are huge, which is why people are hesitant to buy digital. Took me a couple hours just to download Ghosts on my xbone even though i have the disk which is ridiculous...

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