GamesBeat: Beware the city-devouring worms in Civilization: Beyond Earth (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat got an extended look at Civilization: Beyond Earth, but a few giant worms decided to crash the party.

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TheShrew1614d ago

If this preview helps Kyle MacLachlan get back into movies I will be pissed...

Sadie21001614d ago comment I've seen today.

deantak1614d ago

Oh, Dune. Dune. Dune. At least Dune II was a good game.

ColManischewitz1614d ago

This made me write a note to look for sci-fi mods for Civ V until Beyond Earth comes out.

deantak1614d ago

What if the planet you land on is ancient Earth? then it would be just like any other Civ game!