Sony Starts Sending PlayStation Now PS3/PS4 Beta Invites For Private Beta

GearNuke: "If you have registered for the PlayStation Now Private Beta for the PS4, that was announced earlier this week, you should check your inbox as Sony has started to send Beta invite codes to eligible participants of the PlayStation Now Beta. The new thing this time around is the inclusion of the PlayStation Now Beta on the PS4, which was limited to the PS3 only."

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bobsmith1610d ago

got in on ps3 really want in on ps4

DarkLordMalik1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I assume they will send it for PS3 first and then PS4 later.

They said in official blog post that the PS4 Beta invite will start going out on 20th May i.e Today. So don't give hope.

OtakuDome1610d ago

I got my code for PS3 today for the private beta, so you're correct with your assumption.

Conzul1610d ago

Got mine as well :/

Hoping for PS4 one soon.

bondsmx1610d ago

Same here. Wondering if it'll work either way

incredibleMULK1610d ago

If I stream a ps3 game on my ps4 (example black ops 2) will I be paired with other people streaming on ps4 or will I have access to all the psn black ops 2 players on ps3 and ps4??

elazz1610d ago

The exact same game (digital version + latest patches/DLC) will be streamed. That means you won't notice any difference regarding the gameplay and functionality.

HugoDrax1610d ago

Nice! hopefully I get my invite for my PS4. On a side note, I got my platinum for TEARAWAY last night :-)

Gasian1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

me too :D

Rickgrimes951610d ago

Did you have to download something? I typed in the redeem code and it wouldn't let me down load it

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logan_izer101610d ago

I live in Canada and got an invite.... But everywhere I read says it isn't coming to Canada... Hrmmm. Guess I'll find out when I get off work.

Spikes14711610d ago

How did you get invited?

logan_izer101610d ago

By email. Not sure why though. My brother who also lives close to me was invited as well...

Spikes14711610d ago

When did you sign up? I signed up couple days ago. Why didn't i get in?

logan_izer101610d ago

I don't even remember doing it.. But I may have and just forgot. (Sign up for so many things nowadays). Would've been a while ago

JMaine5181610d ago

I got my invite for ps3.

gameslayer24111610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )


In the E-mail it did say, that this first phase is for ps3, the next phase will obviously be ps4 I hope.

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The story is too old to be commented.