The Daily Five: Great Alternate History Games

"Some of the greatest stories across all of fiction have been alternate history tales. Twisting what you think you know into something that can surprise you is just plain cool, it turns out. We all watched Inglorious Basterds, and we all loved how the top Nazi brass met their fiery demise inside a Parisian theater." - Joe Garcia, Stealthy Box

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USMC_POLICE1616d ago

Miss freedom fighters. Wish a sequel would of happened.

creeping judas1615d ago

Was that the one you were a construction worker at the begining, when the invasion began? And the Nazi's used dirigibles? If not can anyone remember what game that one was? I know it's a bit of ambiguous question.

NickAwesome1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

that game was Turning Point: Fall of Liberty!

robtion1616d ago

Resistance 1-3, BioShock 1, and Singularity.

SouthClaw1615d ago

I loved resistance it was to me such a fresh air compared to other games at the time. I played some of 2 and none of 3. 1 was good though.

robtion1615d ago

1 was my favorite. 2 was good but not as good. 3 was really great, especially the first hour. I would say 1>3>2.

shivvy241616d ago

Damn I spent so much damn hours playing fall of man, played it coop with my bro

Lord_Ranos1615d ago

Resistance Fall of Man has a pretty badass story mode.