GTA V Locations in Real Life

GamersBliss writes: "Have you ever wondered what GTA V locations in real life looked like? Well here is your chance to see how amazing the wonderful developers over at RockStar games did while creating the 2013 hit Grand Theft Auto V. As we all know the in game city of Vinewood takes after the real life city of Los Angeles. As LA natives, it was very fun playing through the game and seeing how accurate the in game locations looked compared to the real thing."

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TheSuperior 1704d ago

Wow some of those images I would say are both real. GTA V did an amazing job on being accurate that's for sure.

evilkillerk1703d ago

I loved San Andres and it was cool to see these locations in real life. They did a really good job with it. makes me wonder how the division will do or the CLub.

sungam3d1703d ago

Muscle beach has a dick over it in game.
And dicks in it in real life.

Very clever Rockstar!

BadlyPackedKeebab1703d ago

I am more amazed by how much of GTA V I have never seen!

1703d ago
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