Watch_Dogs - E3 2012 Demo Recreated In Commodore 64

YouTube’s member ‘MajamiHiroz’ has posted a video, showing what Watch_Dogs would look like in Commodore 64. Ironically enough, this version seems quite fun. Okay okay, not as fun as the actual E3 2012 build but still, it’s kind of cool witnessing what modern games would look like in ancient systems.

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MasterCornholio1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Now thats a real downgrade.


GuruMeditation1610d ago

Eh, I'll wait for the digital foundry comparison. Only when I see side-by-side PS4/C64 screenshots will I be satisfied.

GribbleGrunger1610d ago

Apart from a few minor texture differences, it looks about the same to me.

Spinal1610d ago

Haha its awesome, imagine a game like this back then it would have been a 10/10!

hiredhelp1610d ago

Awwww yeh C64 thats my era baby this was awsome.

windblowsagain1610d ago


I had vic20, Amstradcpc464, cm64.

Fun times.

My m8 had the zx spectrum.

As for this version of watchdogs, The character models are not good enough, other then that. Looks epic./s

GuruMeditation1610d ago

Same here. I was lucky enough to own the Vic20 and C64, while my mates had Spectrums. The arguments we had make the console wars look like a tea party ;)

hiredhelp1610d ago

My farther got me into gaming he had a vic and a atari he bought me spectrum 16k think was another cant think the other model had combined tapedeck keyboard they my first ones, but my love was the C64 had 2 versions of thoes
But my dad then went onto the amiga 500 up to the 1200 the true 16bit daddy

GuruMeditation1610d ago

My era too. People complaining about sharpness issues and crushed blacks should be forced to experience colour clash on the speccy, poor zx conversions on the CPC and the re-adjustment of tape heads on C64 (usually after a 5-minute load fail, sending you to an obnoxious READY■ prompt)

windblowsagain1610d ago

My sisters JVC twin deck was useful for copying a game or two:) Remember the sounds of the games loading in. Like listening to Modem down the phone lines.

Iltapalanyymi1610d ago

Nice! glad to see people still mess around with retro computers.

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