Halo 5: Guardians Gets New Info on Story and on the New Engine: “Plenty of Strong Female Characters”

The reveal of Halo 5: Guardians created a lot of speculation between fans of the franchise, and Development Director Frank O’Connor provided more details on NeoGAF, clarifying a few interesting points.

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Lawboy21704d ago

Thank you abriael appreciate the looking forward to my halo journey

christocolus1704d ago

Same here..can't wait to see gameplay at e3. Ill also be buying the MC collection,it should hold me till Halo5 is released.

Lawboy21704d ago

Same super excited for both...alot of games coming this fall don't know how I will be able to play them...may have to make some sacrifices and not pick some of the ones I won't up

ma1asiah1704d ago

Ummm bud where did you get that confirmation from, Abriael doesn't mention it in his article and Frank O'Connor never divulged that tidbit.

People across the net are speculating or begging that she make a return in some shape or form, yet to date 343i have not mentioned anything in the slightest that teases or hints at her return.

-Foxtrot1704d ago

"Plenty of Strong Female Characters"

If there's plenty then Cortana must be one of them....she's a strong female character in Halo's universe

Farmassy1704d ago

Cortana hasn't been confirmed but I am pretty sure that she will be in it

Microsoft has announced that they will have a siri like application called "Cortana." It should release around the end of the year for windows 8.1 and eventually come to xbox one as well

it seems a little weird that they would introduce the new A.I with the name cortana while not keeping her in the game as well... but I guess it is possible

ma1asiah1704d ago

I wasn't dissing your assumption that Cortana will make a return, I to would like to see a story thread that could lead to her being brought back..I just wanted to know why you seem so certain that was all.

Why did I get a disagree????

tigertron1704d ago

In a panel discussion back in 2011 I believe at PAX, they were discussing how Chief's relationship with Cortana would develop over the then Reclaimer trilogy. So I'm guessing she will return in Halo 5, though maybe near the end or something.

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skydragoonity1704d ago

Oh man can't wait to play this game

StarElite1704d ago

Kelly-087 is probably one of those female characters.

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The story is too old to be commented.