Bloody Disgusting's Horror Wish List for E3 2014

Bloody Disgusting comes up with five horror headlines they would like to see come out of this year's E3.

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ritsuka6661615d ago

Hideo Kojima Takes the Reins On the Next Silent Hill''

Please no........ Kojima not can save the SH franchise, it died after SH4. SH2 is still the best, even graphics-wise. I say bring the old SH team from japan back.

Rhezin1615d ago

agreed. I miss those old scares. It's the same with Resident Evil. It died for me after Nemesis.

TRS_Gear1614d ago

Indeed, that true Resident Evil feel ended with Nemesis. But you can't deny how absolutely amazing RE4 was.... can you?

Personally RE4 remains in my top 5 list. I have fond memories of the original 3, but I often ask myself how much of that is just nostalgia? I go back and try to play them on my Vita, and can't get around how much my body and mind has been reprogrammed to far superior control schemes, and I just can't enjoy myself. Whereas with RE4 the game has stood the test of time, I can still play and enjoy that game.

And speaking of the test of time, RE6 didn't even stay in my 360 for more than an hour. I found that game utterly horrendous.

Matt6661614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I can, RE4 was a horrible mess, it lost all the survival horror aspects and became an action game, furthermore there was noting scary about Re4. Where where the proper monsters (IE zombies, zombie dogs, hunters, lickers etc) You no longer had to find weapons or first aid spray's because you could buy them from the merchant. You could practically see around every corner so what ever element of surprise was there is now gone. There just some of reasons why RE4 is rubbish.

MysticStrummer1614d ago

I didn't like RE4. I played a borrowed copy so it cost me nothing, and it didn't keep my interest enough to finish it.

Matt6661614d ago

What was wrong with RE:CVx

FrostyZipper1614d ago

Resident Evil as a series is kaput imo. 6 sold like arse (with good reason) and Capcom have increasingly shown since 2008 that they don't appear to give much of a shit about the fanbase. The only things worthy of note they've done recently are putting both Revelations onto the PC and fixing/improving the RE4 PC version. If they want anyone anywhere to be in even the slightest anticipation for a possible RE7 they have some serious work ahead of them to win back the trust they've squandered.