Shadow Puppeteer – A Dark, Twisted, Limbo & Tim Burton Inspired Adventure Game For Wii U

Last week, Norwegian indie developer Sarepta Studio announced that they would be bringing their debut game to the Wii U eShop. Shadow Puppeteer is a co-op puzzle adventure game where you play a small boy who must work in unison with his shadow to manipulate light and dark. They are in pursuit of the titular Shadow Puppeteer in a bid to save all of the shadows which he has stolen.

Instantly intrigued by the dark premise of this game, Nintendo Enthusiast’s indie nut Andy got in touch with the team and Sarepta. Speaking with Manager Catharina Due Bøhler and Project Leader Marianne Lerdahl to find out more about the game’s inspirations, gameplay mechanics and why they felt this game belonged on the Wii U.

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eworthington01665d ago

Sounds like lost in shadow

Skate-AK1665d ago

Going to have to watch this. Love Tim Burton themed stuff.