One Game Will Not Save The Wii U

One writer explains why Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. and the other big Wii U games aren’t going to singlehandedly save the system.

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Metallox1616d ago

The good lineup that is receiving this year will push it, and although it won't "save" it either, I'm expecting better numbers for the console beggining with the launch of Mario Kart 8.

aceitman1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

that's what was said about Monster Hunter 3 (tri-)G HD ,Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, pikmin and the Mario games . it will sell some units but it wont keep wiiu sales up. and its sad that there losing third party support . maybe they'll come out with a smaller screen controller. and even so there 1st party games have been delayed for long periods of time, they need to come out with more 1st party games and keep them close on release dates .

Neonridr1616d ago

Mario 3D World sold over 2 million units, NSMBU has sold over 4 million. Their First party software is still selling, and they have legs so they continue to sell.

Mario Kart WILL sell, no question about that, but nobody says that it will suddenly have more consoles out than the PS4.

One game can't save the Wii U, but many games can help ensure it's success.

Metallox1616d ago

So you expected that much from a Wii port of 2007, a 2D sidescroller, a niche series and one of the worst eye appealing Mario games of all time? 3D World even moved some units, but X, Smash and of course Mario Kart 8 are another thing.

I understand what you say but those games aren't exactly what Wii U needed to start moving units.

aceitman1616d ago

while the software sold the hardware didn't . and that is where im getting at .

randomass1711616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I don't know who the heck you were talking to, but I don't know anyone who said Monster Hunter (which is ultra niche and an HD remake of a fairly recent Wii game) would make a significant impact on Wii U sales.

edit: Just want to clarify that Monster Hunter is a great series IMO. I just acknowledge that right now it's not especially popular in the west.

aceitman1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@randomass171- it was supposed to move wiiu units in japan but didn't make a dent. usa is not the only country that sells gaming systems , so I don't know who u been talking to but the west is not the only place wiiu is selling bad . some people are blind to the truth , I am not putting the wiiu down , but we all know its not selling well , or am I reading nothing but lies. I have a wiiu and I love 1st party games , my opinion its being made like im bashing it. and maybe u don't read other websites and or n4g more often u will see how people even websites say certain games should have helped the wiiu with sale but didn't . even mk8 is being question if it will sell units. thats what this article is about, and here is another .
and only 5 games sold over a million
and where only 1st party titles , but the truth is all 3rd party games sold terrible , and it has always been that way except for wii and that was better times for third party's . and like the title says one game will not save the wiiu. I agree strongly. why would anyone pick it up, to get one 1st party game every 3-6 months no , while the Nintendo supporters have one already like me, how many will go for it. Nintendo needs do something to pull in third party support and have there games launch with ps4 and X1 and keep the support for the games that are sold on wiiu. some games leave things out and that's not right for Nintendo or there fans and that doesn't help someone's choice to buy wiiu. I love for Nintendo to get back where they need to be ,but it worries me if they will jump ship and rush out another system to stay afloat.bad enough I was pissed that they screwed me on the wii motion plus .

Metallox1616d ago

I get it, I get it. But I still think the Wii U didn't get the "right" games, and it with right I'm meaning appealing for the audiences.

1) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a Wii port, come on, a proper MH game would have sold much better.

2) Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, the worst decision that Retro could have done in it's history. Some interviews clearly clarify they decided to work with DK again and the result, well, it's just bad. I also barely saw people on Internet who said: "I'm buying a Wii U so I can play Tropical Freeze". No, 2D sidescrollers don't do those kinds of miracles anymore.

3) Pikmin 3 is the first entry in nine years of a series which best selling game doesn't surpass the two million units.

4) Mario it's they only real disappointment here, and he stil could sell some consoles.

And the Wii U hasn't sold well even in the long term due to the horrible marketing.

Neonridr1616d ago

Donkey Kong has still sold over 500k copies (not including digitally). Sure that's not incredible, but it's far from terrible.

randomass1711615d ago

I doubt it will ever come to that. Wii U is pretty much confirmed not to be an ultra seller at this point. THAT would take a miracle. But I still think it can sell a few tens of millions of units. Nintendo just needs to generate the exciting content to do it. I think now that they're being backed into a corner, they have to.

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ritsuka6661616d ago

WII U can make a turn around as long as they start putting out games, and marketing the hell out of it.

XiSasukeUchiha1616d ago

Mario Kart 8 will help the Wii U, but saving it will take a miracle!

NatureOfLogic_1616d ago

WiiU is already a flop, but these so-called savior games will only satisfy the current owners and a few who are interested in WiiU like me. A small boost from mediocre sales won't do much for WiiU. If one of the greatest games of all time couldn't save the N64(Zelda OoT), what makes Nintendo fans think these games will do it. Truth is, Nintendo best games are when their desperate for more sales. I'm hoping that the next Zelda will be the best in the series(not likely). With that said, just enjoy the great games that Nintendo continues to deliver and let Nintendo worry about the sales.

randomass1711616d ago

I disagree. I wouldn't see Wii U as a flop unless Nintendo dropped support right after Smash Bros. The bottom line is this game will definitely give Wii U a big boost and this momentum will only increase with the other titles hitting Wii U this year. By how much I'm not sure.

BattleAxe1616d ago

"I wouldn't see Wii U as a flop unless Nintendo dropped support right after Smash Bros"

Well, you see, this is the difference between people like me, who can see the WiiU's failure coming a mile away, and people like you who refuse to believe that the WiiU is a commercial failure until the last minute when Nintendo pulls the plug. This is the problem when people get so emotionally invested in a brand that they love.

Variant1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


The Wii U is no longer being sold at a loss giving remarkable encouragement to believe that it will be supported for a regular length of time (in terms of video game consoles).

I never believed Nintendo would drop its support for the Wii U soon after its release nor do I believe it will be dropped soon after the announced games are released; looking ahead from now, it seems similar to the GameCube.

edit: spelling

coltlokk1616d ago


That sounds really arrogant of you. It's obvious that the Wii U isn't selling well, but it's not a commercial failure if Nintendo makes money off of the Wii U, and that is still certainly possible (look at the Gamecube for example)

Nintendo will have to keep supporting the wii u until they are ready for their next console which won't be until 2016 or 2017. This is because of how much money they have spent on it already, and how much they are still spending now, on NFC, on new games coming, on whatever. They will rely on the money they make from software sales and the little hardware sales and just wait it out.

I believe you're persepctive a little too skewed on the side that the Wii U is a complete and total fail. They are not just gonna "pull the plug" and screw over 6 million people who have the Wii U. Try to understand both sides, look at both sides, think from both sides.

Wii U = bad selling, but Nintendo is trying hard to at least make it so that they are not losing money off of it. If they make a little money, from their perspective at least, it was OK.

And this is kinda off topic but, I just really dislike gamers who think in terms of business. Sure, it's important to know what you are investing in, but sometimes gamers focus too much on it. If any console has games that appeal to you personally, and you feel that there are enough games to justify a purchase, then the console was worth it, regardless of the number of hardware sales or other games, since you already determined that there were enough games to warrant a purchase.

That's why day-1 buys are so risky for something like game consoles.

Benjaminkno1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


I don't mean to pile on, but the Playstation 3, XBox 360, and Vita were all "commercial failures", as they lost billions of dollars. Yet GameCube made lots of profit. So "success" is a broad term.

This isn't a productive discussion for you, as you seem "emotionally invested."

Grilla1616d ago

I have a sneaky suspicion they'll start dropping support for the Wii U after Zelda releases. The next big games will be on the Fusion.

randomass1711615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

@BattleAxe Actually, I think the real difference between us is that I don't pretend I know everything, wheras you make Pachter-like predictions and attack others for disagreeing with them.

edit: And by the way, I'm more of a Sony guy. I just happen to like and appreciate Nintendo a lot, as they got me into gaming.

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videgamenext11616d ago

WiiU will offer great titles throught it's life span. While it will lack major third party support it will still offer a fun innovative way to play the games built for it. It is better to own a Nintendo console and either PlayStation or xbox or everything if you got the cash to do so. I for one have the wiiu/ps4/3ds combo soon to add a vita to keep me cool with whatever i want to play. The WiiU is a great game console i've enjoyed it since 11/18/12 and i will enjoy it till they kill support for it.

BattleAxe1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

videgamenext1 + 20m ago
"i've enjoyed it since 11/18/12 and i will enjoy it till they kill support for it"

Which probably wont be too far down the road.

videgamenext11616d ago

Let's wait and see my friend. They could blow our minds with announcements next month at e3. Let's just wait and see

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