Looks like Far Cry 4 is getting a $30 DLC season pass

GameStop listing reveals DLC pass will be available across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but there's no word yet on what it might include.

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pedrof931616d ago

The game is not even out yet.

Mikelarry1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

i know right, its like now before they even have an idea for a game first thing that comes to mind is season pass, dlc and micro-transactions once they have an idea of how to milk the franchise then they tack on other ideas. i am so glad none of the games ubisoft have announced for next gen really excite me enough to get them day one. i think i am going to be owning alot of game of the year versions with all the dlc etc added for 49.99

raWfodog1616d ago

As you've mentioned, that's what I've started doing. When games have season passes, they will usually release GOTY versions with all the DLC included up until that point. It hasn't really been an issue since I continue to have a huge backlog of games to play that will keep me busy until then.

spicelicka1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

This is why i never buy DLC in the first place unless i really really really want it. I don't understand why they can't make the DLC free after the game has been out for a while. They used to do that, I remember all of Gear of war DLC packs became free like 6 months after they released. I guess the industry changed after devs realized how much money DLC can make.

But it's ridiculous that even 2-3 years later the DLC is still up at the same price. I mean games from 2007 still have DLC you need to buy, half the playlists are locked, I can literally buy the game for $5 and would have to spend $20 on the DLC. The stupidity and greed is unreal.

showtimefolks1616d ago


this is ridiculous man, games are announced and 6-9 months before release we find out about season passes. This is gonna get really ugly moving forward and issue is there are gamers who don't see this as a problem

Forza 5 for example has a lot less content than forza 4 yet the season pass is $50

Now this and i know its only the beginning

i guess unless you really want a game badly buy it otherwise pass on it till its release a year later with all the dlc. UBI are turning into really money grabbing A holes like EA. 9 Versions of Watch dogs seriously 9

SG1_dapunisherX1616d ago

I love forza 5 but damm, the $50 season pass is no bueno

GamingSinceThe80s1616d ago

Blood Dragon was dlc for farcry 3?If it's more of that kind quality dlc I think the diehard fan's will be ok with this.That said I don't buy anything ahead of knowing what it is.I like the way Nintendo has been doing dlc they tell you what selling strait up.Not this"give us money and we will let you know what we come up with sometime down the road".I know that's what a lot people are doing these day's.To me it Just seem's crazy.When I picked up Titanfall at Gamestop at the midnight launch and they were pushing the dlc for it hard trying to make me feel like I was nut's for not getting it.Saying your going to save a whole $5 for buying it now when it wasn't even clear what it even was yet.For me that would have been more money wasted because I quickly got board with TF and traded it in something you can't do with dlc and digital games your stuck with that $hit forever.

ShutUpDonny1616d ago

I usually love Ubisoft games, but by the time I finish the main story and most of the side missions, I feel like I'm done with it and I'm ready for a new game. I have never felt like I was missing something by not purchasing the season pass or DLCs.

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Robochobo1616d ago

Gotta cut it up and make as much profit from it as you can.

Stay classy Ubisoft

MrSwankSinatra1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

When did DLC become such a pain in the ass.

DLC Season Passes
DLC Microtransactions
Pre-Order DLC
Collector's Edition/Console Exclusive DLC
DLC on the Disk
Timed DLC

I really hope people wake up and we challenge these DLC practices because it's getting out of hand already.

Mikelarry1616d ago

i want to believe that this bubble will soon bust, the backlash of the xbox one made me believe that when push comes to shove gamers will vote with their wallet

spicelicka1615d ago

I really hope so, but this is a different situation. Gamers will only vote with their wallet if there is an alternative, people that thought XB1 was too expensive had ps4 as an alternative, and after MS realized they weren't making money they changed the policies. And that's also only because it's so early in the generation.

DLC's are a different story. They've been popular for too long and are a huge money maker or they would never be this expensive. I can't think it would be so easy to just get rid of them.

Tdmd1615d ago

It'll last as long as it is supported. People complain a lot... and then, they buy some more for that brand new game that they've just got.

I know I don't support this. Haven't bought a single season pass yet, and I find it very hard to believe I'll do so in the future.

VlllAxelLea1616d ago

I really wish dlc never existed

Nabbic1616d ago

Not all DLC is bad. Certain DLCs can be priced moderately and offer a substantial amount of content for the price you pay. Other games may even offer free DLC.
Soul Sacrifice is a perfect example of this, which has a large amount of free DLC that extends the game and adds new spells and bosses. There is a large amount of free DLC available, too. All this with no paid DLC, as far as I'm aware.

What's bad is the current state of most AAA games that think about paid DLC before the game is even released. Ubisoft have been pretty bad with this lately with Watch_Dogs offering no version with all the content, and now this. Simply vote with your wallet and say no to games that offer this horrid business practice... Make your voice heard that this is wrong.

rezzah1616d ago

Don't buy it.

All you do is forget about DLC, unless if it adds to the story (which is not often). Then again this depends on if you play for stories or for multiplier.

If it is free then go ahead, but don't waste your time wanting them to make your life better by giving them extra money.

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