Watch TV On your PS4 and PS3

PlayStation fans who are DISH subscribers can now take control of their Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR with the new DISH “Virtual Joey” app on PS3, which will be available to download with the PlayStation Store update later today.
As we announced earlier this year, the DISH Virtual Joey app will also be coming to PS4 and we’ll have more details to share very soon.

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Applejack1615d ago

This reminds me of something but I'm trying to remember what.

AceBlazer131615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

You mean TV TV TV dog TV?

Meh so long as gaming is primary. And look at that the games consoles could probably do TV better as well XD

zeee1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

This reminds you that TV on consoles could be achieved with simples apps and you don't need separate accessories for that and try to charge an extra $100 only to pull one 180 after another later on :)

UltimateMaster1614d ago

More apps has always been a good thing.
I don't think people were mad that Xbox One had TV DVR.
They were Mad because they wanted to see Games instead.
It was Microsoft chance to show how the Xbox One evolve Gaming. and it didn't. Now kinect is gone.

DanielGearSolid1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

An app vs a debut press conference all about TV features

Nah, not the same

Outside_ofthe_Box1614d ago

You'd be surprised how many people actually think it's the same.

Applejack1614d ago

You're right about that

jjonez181615d ago

So your saying I can watch tv, on my tv?

Game changing.

kingmushroom1615d ago

So you're telling me i don't have to buy an Xbawx guannnn! WOW

potedude1614d ago

I have something on my PS3 called playtv, it allows me to watch, record and rewind live TV.

Works pretty well...

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No_Limit1615d ago PS4 is for games and games only.

kingmushroom1615d ago

and i thought there was No Limit

No_Limit1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

There is no limit to the games I can play since I have all the consoles. My motto is "If you limit yourself to a single console, you are cheating yourself" ;)

Mario Kart 8, Titanfall, and MLB [email protected], it is nice to own all consoles!

TheTwelve1614d ago

@kingmushroom --- hilarious

kingmushroom1615d ago

yup , i couldn't agree more, it seams like you're having a blast :)

kingmushroom1614d ago

@ CAB1802 PlayStation fan mostly but I like nintendo also, i grew up playing nintendo games on snes, but got a Ps1 before N64. so i like the two console.

ProSid1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

If im not wrong, this is basically the same as having xbox one go through hdmi in but without any wires connecting to the console
This is kinda taking away xbox one tv feature.

Godmars2901615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Actually, something like this was suppose to happen with the PS3 and 360. MS if not Sony were practically promising DVR TV functionality at the start of 7th gen. Just now have gotten around to delivering it. For what its worth now.

Though I think the XB1 wont let you record TV, which this app does?

Would still prefer an ad-hock, choose your own channel rather than something that teeters you to a cable provider.

dumahim1614d ago

I don't think it does record. Just allows you to access your DVR through the app.

Ausbo1615d ago

The perks of the Xbox one pass through is instant switching and snapping tv. Which you cannot do here.

UnHoly_One1615d ago

Not to mention this is only Dish, and only with the Hopper.

The XB1 can work with anything that outputs over HDMI.

I have Charter cable and a TiVo DVR, for instance.

Godmars2901614d ago

Sony's playing catch up with MS in regards to cable providers, so so as long as no exclusivity deals they'll likely get there. Eventually.

Question is; is this suppose to be Sony's own efforts into cable, or is there something else along the way?

Volkama1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Not really, no. The xbox passes through a signal, and pretty much the only benefit is the voice commands (and possibly save an hdmi input on your TV I guess)

This thing hooks into hardware from a specific provider, and pretty much the only benefit is maybe you can watch in a second room, or use the ps4 as a DVR.

Possibly some overlap in use for some people. I suppose maintaining your online presence while watching tv could be good for some.

Edit: oh yer, snap is probably useful to some

LackTrue4K1615d ago

This could be off topic but,

Now that new Xbox is coming out without Kinects dose this mean it's snap won't work any more?
Or is there a snap back botton on the controller it's self??

ProSid1614d ago

Im not sure, but you can press like option button on the app and snap it? I dont own xbo so idk.
But if u get the new xbo then, i dont think u can take screenshot, record video, or stream unless MS redisgns it

UnHoly_One1614d ago

You can snap and unsnap without Kinect. There is a dedicated panel for it right on the home screen.

Other shortcuts can be found by using the "menu" button on an app.

Recording can be done manually via the Game DVR app.

its_JEFF1614d ago


Not really the same. The Xbox has to be connected to the cable box. With this it's an app, you just have to have the service.

I'm hoping in the future Sony can convince other "providers" to let us buy ala carte programs/shows that we like, rather than being tethered to a cable plan.

Yes, it's true that this doesn't have the "perks" of snapping a tv show, but in all honesty this was one of the things that made MS sound so ridiculous when they were pitching the TV features. I remember one quote where an Xbox exec was talking about "Watching TV, while I play my fave game or playing my Gears and at the same time making a skype call"... but do you really want to do that? that sounds crazy to me.

When I'm playing GEARS, that's all I want to do. A phone call/Skype call would just be distracting me from the game, wouldn't it be an annoyance to you?

At the end of the day, when I get home from work, if I have time to play a game... I just want to sit there and be immersed in that experience.

T21614d ago

Well said. I always laugh when one of the must have features for Xbox is to watch TV and play a game at the same time. Lol that must be some game if you don't even need your eyes for it

Volkama1614d ago

In total agreement about the way they try to hype snap, but I will say I use it quite a lot to snap TV alongside XBox Fitness.

Ausbo1614d ago

Watching tv and a game is ridiculous. But being able to switch to tv instantly is awesome while waiting for a multiplayer game to start. And it tells you when the game is ready

1614d ago
its_JEFF1614d ago


oh well thank you for the roundabout insult. I prefer a more direct route as I think that's more "mature" and less "childish" or "high school" like.

You are clearly the exact person Don Mattrick was targeting when he dreamt the X-1 up. I don't think MS over estimated their audience at all, MS targeted American who like to, like you said... Like to Watch their fave show while playing their fave game. Or watch a trailer for a new movie in the middle of watching another movie. Or making a skype call during their COD match... what MS did over estimate is how much people wanted all of that on 1 screen.

I love playing my fave game and having Twitter open on my phone, and YouTube open on my laptop... Cause that's what adults do, multitask, we just don't all do it on 1 screen. This is a multi-device world you're living in, I have my iphone and laptop and ipad all within reach at all times.

The "adult" thing is to replay to an opinion without having to resort to insults.

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blackblades1615d ago

Can't download, cause I have directv. Anyone heard about at&t buying directv, it's going to be horrible.

Dlacy13g1615d ago

Yeah, was noticing on the AT&T site they have info on DirecTV as if they were selling it. I was confused at first then realized...AT&T must be buying them up.

HugoDrax1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Yeah I heard about it yesterday on CNN! Funny thing is I have at&t uverse in my house. I have 5 cable boxes total, with internet plan.
-1 Wii U
-2 XBOX 360's
-1 3DS
-1 Vita
-1 PS4

The PS4 and XBOX ONE are connected in my living room, while the other XBOX ONE and Wii U is in my basement play room. Anyhow, one of the XBOX 360's is connected with this device from at&t, had it done a few years back. Features like these shows why Microsoft focused on implementing media features for the XBOX ONE.

no_more_heroes1615d ago

I was gonna say "Good thing I'm a Dish subscriber so that I can use this", but there's nothing good about being a Dish subscriber.

At least when its just a touch cloudy or rainy...

Hey Sony, can you do deals with other cable providers for if (when) I switch?

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